ARISE en Español

ARISE en Español

ARISE en Español is for at-risk students whose first language is Spanish. Our workbooks and resources provide an essential life skills program in Spanish to help at-risk youth learn about anger management, physical and mental well-being, dropout prevention strategies, and more.

Communication barriers amplify the challenges facing at-risk youth who have endured poverty, family instability, substance abuse, gang violence, or abuse. ARISE en Español alleviates the stress of communicating in a second language, so students can concentrate on concepts that will help them develop life skills that contribute to a better life.

Our life skills in Spanish materials include modules on prenatal care and parenting for young adults dealing with pregnancy, as well as a series on basic health for youth who may never have had the opportunity or the means to think about nutrition or hygiene. Other topics include: anger management, dropout prevention, time management and self-esteem. Help your Spanish-speaking students learn essential life skills with learning materials in their first language.

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