ARISE Life Skills Positivity Cards (Assorted, 50 cards per pack)

ARISE Life Skills Positivity Cards (Assorted, 50 cards per pack)

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ARISE Positivity cards were developed because many of us are reading less and less. Every positivity card is a mini life lesson in full color just like the video games and TV the youth are so engrossed in. Each of the cards are easily turned into lifelong learning experiences.

For example: Group learning springs to life using ARISE Positivity cards.

  • Hand out the cards.
  • Each youth receives a card on a different topic.
  • Request they tell you what this card means to them then query others in the group about the cards they are holding.
  • Shuffle the cards and a new lesson is ready to start.

Each card opens a new learning experience where youth have an opportunity to express themselves.

At some point it's wise to allow the youth to keep their favorite cards to show off to family and friends.


"A few years ago, while working at an optical store in Palm Beach I received several positivity cards from Mrs. and Mr. Benson. Some I passed on, some I am still carrying in my wallet. Every time I look at them they make me instantly smile.

I just ordered a pack and hopefully they will have the same impact on the people I will give them to. (o:  Thank you,  You've been noticed doing something very good!!!!  (o: " West Palm Beach, Florida