Strategies To Keep Schools Free From Violence

Strategies To Keep Schools Free From Violence
School violence is a very real problem and causes concern for students, staff, and parents alike. Campuses across the country face various threats,...

The Importance of Domestic Violence Education

Defined as a form of physical abuse towards a significant other, friend, or family member, domestic violence is a threat everywhere. It could range...

3 Ways Alternative Schools Can Be More Effective

These are three ways alternative schools can be more effective. The at-risk youth who attend these schools need extra help on how to be successful in life.

Essential Life Skills To Teach High School Students

It’s important to teach high schoolers essential life skills. These will help them be the best that they can be, so they become productive members of society.

How To Prepare Teens Transitioning Out of Foster Care

This is a guide on how to prepare teens transitioning out of foster care. Adults must help them in any way they can so that they can be successful.

The Importance of Successful Alternative High Schools

This article discusses the importance of successful alternative high schools. There needs to be a better option as opposed to conventional learning.

Ways Middle Schools Can Prepare Students for the Future

Here are some ways middle schools can prepare for the future. It’s never too early to equip students with the skills they need to lead a purposeful life.

The Challenges Youth Face When Aging Out of Foster Care

Here are a few of the challenges youth face when aging out of foster care. The transition isn’t easy, but it’s possible when given the right tools.

Coping Skills: How To Help Teens Manage Anger and Stress

Being a teenager is hard. You often feel misunderstood as you leave childhood and enter adulthood. Luckily, not all hope is lost, and you don’t ha...

The World of Gangs and Why Prevention Education Works

Joining a gang is cool, especially for a young teen who feels lost and alone in an impoverished life.  To them, a gang sure does look good!  A gan...

ARISE High School and Middle School Package and Online Training

“I am the Director of two programs that works with at-risk youth. I appreciate the training Arise provides to our staff. We offer skill building gr...

ARISE Independent Living Package

“Oesterlen Services For Youth is very appreciative of the excellent trainingmaterials that you have provided to help young people gain the skills n...