ARISE 5-Day Virtual Master Life Skills Train the Trainer on Zoom

ARISE 5-Day Virtual Master Life Skills Train the Trainer on Zoom

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ARISE Master Life Skills Trainer - Train the Trainer

Cost Effective – No Travel Expenses –
Instructor Lead – Interactive

Overview of the ARISE Master Life Skills Training:

By enrolling in the ARISE Master Training participants will be well equipped to conduct the ARISE 2-Day Life Skills training for staff at the facility where they work. This training will build their skills as a trainer. This will enable a facility to develop a pool of competent instructors who can teach ARISE Life Skills Lessons to the youth.

This training is wonderfully interactive and uses hands on experiences. There is a lot of role-play and mock training sessions where participants actually become the trainer. Each day is built on experiences covered the day before, and then participants actually plan and present an ARISE training segment to the staff.

Format of an ARISE Master Training:

Day 1: Training fundamentals: adult learning, learning styles, training logistics, verbal/nonverbal communication, presentation skills, behavior challenges related to reaching the place where learning begins in vulnerable youth.

Day 2-4: Your staff will become comfortable by actually using the easily understood ARISE Life-Skills Curricula with the youth. Participants will utilize the remarkably straight forward ARISE teaching formula, practice Arise lessons, utilize valuable and realistic ARISE stories written specifically for a young adult population. In addition, staff will absorb valuable lesson planning tactics, practice teaching, and conducting the 2-day training.

Day 5: All participants will prepare and deliver an ARISE life skills lesson. Time is set aside for positive suggestions, questions, and positive feedback.

ARISE Master Training Certification:

After completing the ARISE 5-Day Master Life Skills Training (Train the Trainer), participants are certified to train other staff in your organization using the ARISE 2-day life skills training program. Attendees receive a beautiful (suitable for framing) ARISE training certificate. After 12 months individuals can be recertified by ARISE very easily by purchasing ($50.00) the recertification study guide and online exam.

 ARISE Life Skills Trainer Certification

Materials You Receive as Part of this Training:

  • One (1) 5-Day ARISE Master Life Skills Training Manual



  • One (1) 2-Day ARISE Resource Training Manual


  • One (1) ARISE Self-Esteem Instructors Manual

  • The ARISE Master Trainer Forms (downloadable):
    • Training Evaluation
    • Sign in Sheets for Day 1 and Day 2
    • Pre/Post Survey
    • Training Evaluation

  • Package of 50 assorted Positivity Cards


    What You Can Expect When You Complete the Training:

    Attendees will be prepared to train other staff at your organization as ARISE Life Skills Instructors and as ARISE Life Skills Instructors to competently conduct ARISE group sessions with the youth.

    Please remember that ARISE always welcomes questions and suggestions so please stay in touch (

    What Additional Materials You Will Need to Train Other Staff Members as Life Skills Instructors:

    • One (1) ARISE Life Skills Resource Manual for each person you will train. You received one copy at the training.
    • One (1) ARISE Life Skill Certificate for each person that completes the training. 
    • Curriculum material for them to teach the ARISE Life Skills groups. You can choose from our many topics: ARISE curriculum 

    What Additional Materials You Will Need if You Want to Teach a Life Skills Group Yourself:

    Nothing – you can start with the ARISE Life Skills curriculum you received at the training: Four Wheel Drive for the Mind: Self Esteem.

    If you want additional topics, you can choose from the ARISE curriculum library: ARISE curriculum

    Special Requirements for a Virtual Zoom Training:

    • You need to have the video on all during the entire training except for breaks and lunch. It is interactive training.
    • You must be present from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1 p.m.-4 p.m. every day to receive certification.
    • You will receive your materials before the training begins via mail except for the training forms which will be sent via email for you to download.
    • You will receive your certificate of completion and the package of 50 assorted ARISE Positivity Cards at the completion of training.