ARISE Family Tools: Family Skills Training Where you see families connect and thrive (2 Books, plus plus plus)

ARISE Family Tools: Family Skills Training Where you see families connect and thrive (2 Books, plus plus plus)

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ARISE Family Tools is a 12-session training used by organizations that are looking for a program they can conduct with the parents of the children and youth they serve. Each session can be 90 minutes.  It is a family skills training program with a practical approach to show families how to handle challenges and family relationships. It is like providing each parent their own tool chest in dealing with the dynamics of family life. Most families already have some tools to keep their family life running smoothly. Our intention is to add some more tools to the tool chest that can help create the most positive environment possible for every family member.

The individual at your facility whom you designate to work with parents will be provided with all materials necessary to conduct these 12 sessions. .

  • 1 Family Tools Facilitator Guide
  • 6 Family Tools Resource Manual for the participants
  • Family Tools Pre/Post -Surveys
  • Post Evaluation
  • Power Point slides for each lesson- 292 slides
  • Participants sign-up sheet
  • 6 Certificates of completion
  • Video clips for each lesson
  • 1 set of Positivity Cards as visual reminders for each lesson

The Family Skills Training Sessions include the following topics:

  • Impact of choice in our life
  • Anger as a choice
  • Dealing with worry
  • Control vs influence
  • Stress and relaxation
  • Power of smiling
  • Managing anger and frustration
  • Gratitude
  • Tools for living a happy life
  • Happiness is a choice
  • Forgiveness matters
  • Building positive families
  • Building positive attitudes
  • Visualizing what you want
  • Reframing negative thoughts
  • Positive affirmations
  • Active listening
  • Reflective listening
  • How to be assertive not aggressive
  • The power of words
  • Communication killers
  •  Using “I” statements
  • Communication Builders
  • Learning to read body language
  • Family Negotiating
  • Conflict resolution
  • Stress buster tools
  • Meditation to get rid of stress
  • Laughter to help relieve stress
  • Building kindness in your family
  • Tools for optimistic thinking
  • Tools for goal setting


Format of the session:

Facilitator conducts the session: All the information they need, and all the activities are found in the Facilitator Guide. Each participant has the work pages necessary in the participants Resource Manual.

We suggest 90 minutes sessions, however this material is easy to adjust to fit your time perimeters.

Each family skills training session has a “Take it to Go” activity that is reviewed at the beginning of the sessions. This enables the families to engage everyone in the family with what was learned in the session. This is reviewed each week at the beginning of the session.

The facilitator introduces ARISE positivity cards, little life skills lessons (reminders) that fit comfortably in pocket or purse. Perfect to share with pride with family members and friends.

View sample pages from each book by clicking on the links below for each Manual (or individual title) and then click on VIEW SAMPLE.

ARISE Family Tools Facilitator's Guide, 156 pages
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 Family Tools, Facilitator Guide






ARISE Family Tools Resource Manual, 167 pages
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Family Tools,<br> Resource Manual






Plus plus plus includes:
ARISE Family Tools, PowerPoint on DVD total of 292 slides

ARISE Family Tools Forms on DVD:

  • Sign-In Sheet, 2 pages
  • Pre-Survey, 1 page
  • Post-Survey with 
  • Post Evaluation
  • Scenarios, 2 pages
  • Course Evaluation, 1 page
  • Lesson Report, 1 page
  • Family Tools Certificate, 1 page