ARISE After School Packages for Elementary, Middle and High School Aged Youth (in After School Programs)

It is important for after school programs to support social, emotional, and academic achievement to reduce risky behaviors, promote physical health, and to provide a safe and supportive environment for children and youth. (After school activities support kids who missed out on learning and social development opportunities.) 

ARISE life skills lessons can enhance your after-school program by offering evidenced based life skills that are age appropriate and PROVEN to improve the social skills of TROUBLED YOUTH. 

Complete ARISE After School Elementary School Package (12 Books)  

Teaching a child life skills is important for self-care and sufficiency. It also allows them to feel empowered and to develop healthy self-esteem.

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ARISE After School Middle School Package (15 Books )

Life skills can help middle school aged youth set goals for themselves and build positive relationships with peers. It will help them become functioning members of society. They can be taught to be proactive - instead of reactive. If you provide positive skills now, they can use those life skills forever. Learning life and social skills is essential to well-being and success. 

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ARISE After School High School Package (19 Books)

Learning life skills helps young people understand who they are and what they want out of life. Social emotional skills can help these young people set goals for themselves and build positive relationships. It helps develop self-awareness and emotional management skills.

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Life management skills are not hereditary they must be taught.

  • 30 plus years of educating troubled youth by delivering easily understood curricula and absorbing staff training across America and beyond has proven that ARISE life skills lessons are easily absorbed.
  • A winning combination when images are used in conjunction with written and spoken words - eyes snap open and valuable life lessons slip in under their radar.
  • Often for the first-time underserved populations get-it because all ARISE curricula is developed for youth who struggle with the written word and explode when faced with complicated concepts.