ARISE 5-Day Master Life Skills Certification Training Train The Trainer

ARISE 5-Day Master Life Skills Certification Training Train The Trainer

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ARISE Master Life Skills Trainer - Train the Trainer

Overview of the ARISE Master Life Skills Training:

This five-day (35 hour) intensive (Train -the Trainer) course certifies participants as ARISE Master Life Skills Trainers and enables them to conduct the ARISE 2-Day Life Skills Instructor Training to professionally certify other staff and colleagues at their organization as ARISE Life Skills Instructors. Graduates have the knowledge and confidence to train others to help troubled youth to make fundamental changes in their lives

This training workshop is perfect for organizations that understand the tremendous benefits of having a professionally trained ARISE certified Master Trainer on their staff. ARISE Master trainers have the necessary qualifications to effectively train staff at their organization to meet the needs of at-risk youth for years to come. They train their staff to effectively use the unique ARISE teaching formula and the award winning ARISE curricula in a positive learning environment.

It is recommended that before you come to the ARISE Master Training choose the staff and the dates you will train, so when you complete the training and return to your organization, you are ready to implement your new found knowledge as quickly as possible. You can immediately order additional curricular so those you train can immediately work with the youth. ARISE provides a huge library of interactive material that encourages the youth to express their feelings and actively participate in these powerful group learning experiences

Format of an ARISE Master Training:

This training is very interactive and uses hands-on experience as much as possible. There is a lot of role playing and mock training sessions where the participants become the trainer.  There is programmed instruction as well as games-based training. Each day is built on the day before until the last day, when you plan a training with your group and present it to the rest of the participants.

Day 1: Training fundamentals: adult learning, learning styles, training logistics, verbal/nonverbal communication, presentation skills, behavior challenges.

Day 2-4 : Learn how to train your staff to use the ARISE Life-Skills Curricula with the youth. You will learn to utilize  the ARISE teaching formula, practice lessons, provide  feedback , utilize stories and quotes, lesson planning, practice teaching, and conducting the certification.

Day 5: Prepare and deliver final presentation including teaching a lesson and a practice component of conducting a training. 

ARISE Master Training Certification:

After completing the ARISE 5-Day Master Life Skills Training (Train the Trainer), you are certified to train other staff at your organization using the ARISE 2-day life skills training program. You receive a training certificate. After one year you can be recertified by ARISE very easily by purchasing the recertification manual which includes an exam that you take and send to us.

The mediocre facilitator tells, the good trainer explains, the superior instructor demonstrates. ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitators INSPIRE!

 ARISE Life Skills Trainer Certification

Materials You Receive as Part of this Training:

  • One (1) 5-Day ARISE Master Life Skills Training Manual



  • One (1) 2-Day ARISE Resource Training Manual


  • One (1) ARISE Self-Esteem Instructors Manual

  • The ARISE Master Trainer Forms (downloadable):
    • Training Evaluation
    • Sign in Sheets for Day 1 and Day 2
    • Pre/Post Survey
    • Training Evaluation

  • Package of 50 assorted Positivity Cards


    Testimonials from ARISE Master Trainers:

    Pastor Lemont C Monroe Sr. Th.B, Augusta, Georgia
    In June 2007, I completed the ARISE 5-Day Master Training and it was one of the best things I have ever done. I am the retired Director of the Mentoring for Success program for the East Central District. I also served as the Men’s Health Director. The ARISE Master Training helped me become a better person and a better nurse. Even though I am retired now, I still use what I learned in the training in other venues. It played a major role in my raising my son and I recommend it to anyone. I will be doing a refresher course online in April 2023 and I am hoping to use these skills at a local college in June 2023. It has also helped me be a better pastor in dealing with adults and youth.”

    This is what Eric Sheffield, Administrative Supervisor, District One Juvenile Detnention Center- Couer d”Alene, ID said about the first 2-Day life Skills Training he did for his staff.
    “I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I recently facilitated the two-day ARISE life skills training course with 9 out our staff (7 detention counselors, our nurse and our mental health clinician). Thanks to your quality Master Training (Train the Trainer) course and the access you gave me to the online training (for a refresher) our two day training was a huge success. I felt I had all the tools I needed to complete two days of quality training. The participants felt the course was very good and are anxious to get our Life Skills program up and running.

    Ashley Hyter, Family Life Program at Fort Sam Houston, Texas
    “I was really helped by learning the ARISE Formula. The trainers gave wonderful constructive feedback. Su and Eric were awesome trainers. The training material was helpful, and the training was clear and easy to follow. Adequate time was provided for rehearsal of each section of the training. Everything learned was useful. Day one talking about training logistics, active listening and facilitator tips was most helpful.”

    Mona Hill, Tarrant County Juvenile Correction Services, Fort Worth Texas
    “This was a good training, It challenged me to enhance my skills and gave me a very new and invigorating perspective. I strongly agree that the 5-day workshop covered all the skills necessary to conduct the ARISE life skills training. I found most helpful the review of adult learning and all the individual presentations we did.”


    What You Can Expect When You Return Back to Your Facility:

    You are prepared to train other staff as ARISE Life Skills Instructors or you can be the ARISE Life Skills Instructor and conduct group sessions with the youth. The choice is yours.

    What Additional Materials You Will Need to Train Other Staff Members as Life Skills Instructors:

    • One (1) ARISE Life Skills Resource Manual for each person you will train. You received one copy at the training.
    • One (1) ARISE Life Skill Certificate for each person that completes the training. 

    • Curriculum material for them to teach the ARISE Life Skills groups. You can choose from our many topics: ARISE curriculum

    What Additional Materials You Will Need if You Want to Teach a Life Skills Group Yourself:

    Nothing – you can start with the ARISE Life Skills curriculum you received at the training: Four Wheel Drive for the Mind: Self Esteem.

    If you want additional topics, you can choose from the ARISE curriculum library: ARISE curriculum