ARISE 2-Day Life Skills Facilitator Training

ARISE 2-Day Life Skills Facilitator Training

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What is ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator Training?

This ARISE Life Skills Training certifies participants as ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitators. It is designed specifically for those who have no formal experience, but who are eager to teach life skills to at-risk youth, particularly those with anger issues and learning disabilities. It is also perfect for those with lots of know-how who want to refresh their skills. The training experience is highly interactive, with many opportunities to practice newfound coaching skills that hold the interest of troubled youth turned off by the usual classroom activities.

Participants discover the ease with which the ARISE Formula promotes high levels of positive interaction with youth in group settings. This training underscores how an ARISE-trained Life Skills Group Facilitator can become a role model and mentor for youth who may never have experienced such a positive relationship. In addition to learning how to conduct these breakthrough lessons, participants will learn group facilitation skills and non-confrontational methods for handling troubled, disinterested and disruptive youth.

This training is a must for utilizing the ARISE Life Skills curriculum to its fullest potential with learners who’d rather face a dentist’s drill than a learning environment. The ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitator Training provides a springboard for turning around youth in crisis by promoting the development of a positive self-image that is so important for steering detained juvenile offenders.

Topics Covered in the Training

  • Using the ARISE Teaching Formula
  • Establishing Group Guidelines
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • How to Ask Questions to Engage Youth
  • How to Increase Participation
  • Communication Skills
  • Using Stories and Quotations to Inspire
  • Planning Activities
  • Utilizing Communication Builders
  • Observing Practice Lessons from Assorted ARISE Curriculum
  • Practice Planning and Presenting Lessons

2-Day Training Agenda

Day 1:

  • Training Objectives
  • Icebreakers
  • Training Guidelines
  • The ARISE Formula
  • Demonstration Lesson: Calendar of Life
  • Lunch
  • Demonstration Lesson: Five-Line Poem
  • Group Practice Lesson: Anger Situations
  • Group Practice Lesson: Situations of Conflict

Day 2

  • Group Practice Lesson: Priority Lists
  • Planning the ARISE Lesson Introduction
  • Planning the ARISE Lesson Guided Group Discussion
  • Mind Mapping
  • Planning the ARISE Lesson Activity/Worksheet
  • Planning the ARISE Lesson Wrap-Up/Conclusion
  • Lunch
  • Individual/Small Group Lesson Planning and Presentations
  • Conclusion

Materials you will receive

  • 2 Day ARISE Life skills Resource Manual
  • Life Skills Certificate of Completion
  • Assortment of ARISE Positivity Cards

Testimonials from ARISE Onsite Training

Maria Sumner Satilla Community Services -Waycross, Georgia
“The training exceeded my expectations. The instructor modeled all the techniques taught and she provided positive feedback and encouragement throughout the training. I loved using guidelines rather than rules and learning how to re-frame negatives into positives. The lesson plan provided to prepare for groups will be very useful.”

Rachel Holmes Teacher Leadership Training Institute – Hempstead, NY
“The training was fantastic. I have learned so many new techniques and strategies that I can’t wait to go back to the classroom to use the ice breakers, tips on body language and better listening skills. I feel after this training , I am a stronger teacher.”

Yolanda Garcia AMI Kids – North Miami Dade County, Florida
“The training was very well taught. It was positive and fun. The positivity cards were very useful. The topics offered in the workbooks are relevant to the adolescent population that we work with. At times the most difficult part of running a group is choosing a topic that captivates your audience. ARISE workbooks provide us with that material”


The mediocre facilitator tells. The good trainer explains, The superior instructor demonstrates, ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitators INSPIRE!

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