Online Drop it at the Door: Anger and Stress Management Staff Training, with quantity discounts

Online Drop it at the Door: Anger and Stress Management Staff Training, with quantity discounts

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An Educational Experience for People Concerned With Improving Their Everyday Life

ARISE Drop It at The Door: Anger and Stress Management Training provides participants with the tools needed to handle anger, stress, worry, anxiety awaiting us as we open the doors to work and home.

Tap into what it takes to handle irritating, negative people. How you respond to these experiences to a great degree determines the quality of your life. It’s no secret that we bring our problems home and back to work over and over in an endless cycle of stress at work. ARISE Drop It at The Door: Anger and Stress Management Training provides a unique set of easily understood life skills tools those of us living at the beginning of the 21st century must acquire to successfully navigate life as it’s happening right now in real time.

Is Drop it at the Door: Anger and Stress management Training for You?

If you answer yes to any of the following questions, then this training is what you need right now.

  • Would you give anything if you could stop worrying?
  • Do your non-stop days turn into non-sleep nights?
  • Is your job stressing you out and having a negative impact on your family?
  • Are you able to separate your work from home life without harming either one?
  • Do you feel drained and distressed by constant feelings of guilt?
  • Have anger problems turned destructive and led to relationship and job loss?
  • Are you easily angered by insignificant actions by your children, partner, boss or co-workers?
  • Do you procrastinate then guess or make bad decisions because you didn’t know where to find reasonable answers?
  • Do you say if you didn’t have bad luck you would have no luck at all?
  • Are you ready to end the feelings of being overwhelmed by work and family responsibilities?
  • RESPECT- Are you interested in becoming the go-to person others look to when good, practical, everyday advice is needed?
  • Would you like to improve the overall quality of your life?

Who would be helped by taking this training:

  • Any individual working and living in stressful situations
  • Teachers
  • Juvenile justice officers
  • Correctional officers
  • Mental health workers
  • Nursing care staff
  • Home health workers

Benefits of attending this training:

  • Once and for all get the tools you must have to manage and eliminate negatives like Guilt, Worry, Anger and Stress from your Life. YES, you can learn to turn negatives into positives and dramatically improve your good fortune. Make better decisions you previously thought were out of your control.
  • Cure yourself of carrying work problems home then bringing family worries and stressors back to work.
  • Learn the key principles of avoiding negative behavior. You will acquire powerful new tools perfect for ridding yourself of worry, frustration, anger and the repressed emotional responses caused by dealing with people who annoy and unnerve you at work and at home.

Format of the Online Drop it at the Door: Anger and stress Management Training

This is a comprehensive, self-paced, 50-hour online training designed to be taken at any time from anywhere; and you will have 90 days to complete the training. While the training is self -paced that does not mean you are on your own. ARISE is with you to offer encouragement, suggestions, and to answer any questions you may have during the entire training. Each lesson has video clips from an actual training. You have material to read, and assignments to complete which are checked and sent back to you with comments and suggestions. You will complete a pre/post survey and an evaluation at the end. After completion you will receive a certificate that you completed this course.

Materials you will receive:

  • A log-in and password that allows you to access the training.
  • A downloadable resource manual
  • Certificate of completion suitable for framing 

Testimonial’s from ARISE Online Drop it at the Door: Anger and Stress Management Training.  

Theresa Prater Rockvale, Tennessee
“I found the training to be helpful in my career and personal life.  I liked the relaxation techniques because I feel like I never have enough time on my hands because I seem to forget to take a time out for myself.  I can see the various tools being used in my profession with juvenile offenders when they are having a bad day. To me this training was very useful!”

Theresa Smith, Youth Group Coordinator, Friendship Center, Hinton, Alberta, Canada
“This training exceeded my expectations. It showed me how easy it actually is to keep your anger under control through following the steps. Nothing needs to be improved upon, was a great course and I feel I can better handle the angry situations I may encounter. Love the remote activity. I found putting down positive aspects instead of negative helped. I am better able to drop my stress after this training.” 

Lisa Hensley, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
“I have really enjoyed the training. The area that has had the biggest impact on me is CHOICE. I find myself stopping and thinking about a situation before I make the choice to have a bad day or a good day, be in the red zone or the blue zone. I find myself using calming words to correct behavior and think about one of the first videos at the breakfast table. I have shared some of the training with my family at home and really admire Jackie Robinson.”

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