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ARISE has documented the number of group facilitators (life skills instructors) trained to conduct ARISE life skills groups and the number of hours that life skills have been taught to at-risk youth.
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"Thank you so much Ms. Benson for providing me with this PPP. I have used the ARISE model for the past 10 years working with Juveniles involved in the correctional system, youth in foster care, as well as with adults inpatient psychiatric facilities and the community. ARISE is a program that has been extremely effective in working with the various populations teaching independent living and recovery skills."

Alvin Hinkle, MSW, CPM
Department of Behavioral Health
Washington, D.C. 20002

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10 Tips for Improving Your Memory

Texting. Email. TV. Internet. Cell Phones. We live in a world flooded with information. With so much data coming at you, how do you remember the important things? Here are 10 quick Tips for Improving your Memory and Study Skills, borrowed from the fantastic ARISE Brain Food Series. Create a concept Read more →

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ARISE es una organizacion sin fines de lucro creada en 1986 que, mediante un sistema practico, conciso y basado en situaciones reales, ofrece un extenso plan de estudios para jovenes en situacion de alto riesgo. Tambien ofrecemos formacion de personal, con la finalidad de reforzar resultados para aquellas personas interesadas en ayudar a jovenes y adolescentes con problemas mediante los cursos ARISE. Read More »
ARISE programs have been evaluated over many years by independent evaluators.

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5-Day Master Life Skills Instructor Certification Training scheduled in Kirksville, MO, October 19-23, 2015. Limited seats available. Click for more details.

On-line Training

On-site Training

ARISE Life Skills Curricula

Activities for youth for teachers, group facilitators and others interested in educating at risk youth in social and life skills.ARISE Life skills curriculum containing interactive, attention grabbing activities in plain unadulterated English that enables youth to easily understand and retain each learning experience.

This quality information assists youth in making lasting changes in their lives. Curriculum for preschool, elementary, and teens through high school. Anger Management curriculum available for adults.
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ARISE Staff Training

Trainings for staff working with at-risk youth or other difficult populations. ARISE professional trainings have proven to be effective and transformational for the past 25 plus years.

ARISE training encompasses the techniques of group facilitation and feedback, the effective development of cognitive and behavioral skills, modeling and the opportunity to practice these skills in a positive environment in addition to learning to manage anger, stress, frustration and strengthening relationships in the workplace and in your home life. Learning in ARISE trainings is not an individual act.Read More »


ARISE foundation a non profit since 1986 A life skill lesson for youth and staff training.ARISE is a non-profit, created in 1986, that provides a rich assortment of time tested, evidence-based life skills curricula for at-risk youth. ARISE also offers staff training that enhances the effectiveness of those who care for troubled youth and adolescents.

Life skills are not hereditary; they must be taught. With this in mind, we dedicate ourselves to building social and emotional fitness in troubled youth. About ARISE

Good news!

  • ARISE group lessons are NOT dependent on previously learned material. This makes it possible for youth new to a group to jump in easily. This in itself provides an emotionally comfortable environment.
  • All ARISE Life Management Skills curricula are intended for organizations where class turnover and absences are the norm.
  • ARISE lessons are appropriate for use in groups where youth of different ages, academic abilities, and various backgrounds are taught.
  • Almost three decades of experience has proven that learning in ARISE groups is not an individual act; it's a social act where everyone participates and absorbs life’s most important lessons

ARISE life skills lessons are necessary for teens that have been disappointed and betrayed, vulnerable, lost and alone, uprooted and unloved, forced to make his or her way through a world that makes no sense.

Experience counts. Almost 30 years of working with troubled teens allows us to GUARANTEE that ARISE life skills curricula will work or your money back. It’s as simple as that. Read more »

ARISE Positivity Cards and Posters

ARISE foundation a non profit since 1986 A life skill lesson for youth and staff training.Most of us would pat ourselves on the back if we were able to foster even one of the following qualities in those we are attempting to educate: empathy, optimism, responsible decision making, etc.. Every ARISE Positivity product offers an efficient straight forward lesson designed to encourage the behavior we so desperately want to see in those we spend our days educating. See all positivity items


ARISE Relationship Audits and More for Girls Only (ARA) focuses on minimizing social risk taking all too prevalent in girls growing up today. Girls participate in small groups and classroom discussion addressing a range of emotional and interpersonal skills. They easily understand and absorb the self-management and decision making skills essential for navigating the changed context of life in the 21st century.Read More »

Drop out Prevention

Curriculum for teachers, group facilitators and others interested in teaching youth at risk of dropping out. Every 29 seconds, a student gives up on school. In an effort to turn the tide, ARISE created a riveting series on dropout prevention. Youth learn why dropping out of school matters: dropouts earn $260,000 less in their lifetime of work than high school graduates.

Our interactive activities capture the leaner's attention with eye-opening statistics, illustrations and case studies that make a strong case for earning a diploma. Read More »

ARISE Family Tools Program

Lessons provide parents and their children with the keys for dealing with their hectic family lives.Amazing as it may seem, there are no spectators attending ARISE Family Tools program activities. Everyone participates.

This interactive group learning experience is designed to activate and transform participants not because we insist but because they honestly see the value for themselves and their family members. Read More »

ARISE Life Skills for Community Based Organizations

Low risk juvenile offenders sent to juvenile prisons arrive with undergraduate degrees in crime and leave with PhDs. This is the "unintended consequence of sentencing non-violent, low risk offenders" to detention and secure facilities where they learn to become a greater risk to the public than when they entered. A better choice … Read More »

Combat Employee Anger, Stress and Negativity That Could Infect Your Entire Workplace.

Training teaching participants to drop anger and stress at the door before work and before returning  home.Proactive steps for managing anger and stress. As suggested by a new study that appears in the Annals of Behavioral Medicine, research shows that a reaction to a stressful situation now, can predict your health problems for 10 years down the road, regardless of your present health and stressors. Read More » (PDF)

Establish your own life and social skills program for at-risk youth

Today individuals and organizations concerned with effectively (and inexpensively) providing at risk youth with the social and emotional skills needed to lead job related, crime free lives are now able to conduct successful, interactive ARISE group sessions. Right now, it is possible to professionally train Life Skills instructors using the ARISE online staff training and curricula.

Included in the $199 cost is the best-selling ARISE Anger Management curricula and 20 hours of interactive online training. Additional ARISE downloadable curricula are available as eBooks at significant savings from our conventional printed curricula. Read More »

ARISE Life Skills Curricula and Staff Training is Evidence-Based: University of Miami

University of Miami evaluated the ARISE life skills curricula and staff training examining the “success rates” among various groups of learners.During the past 25 years, not one but two University of Miami tenured professors attested to the effectiveness of ARISE life-skills curricula and staff trainings in evidence-based studies. Evaluation data over a five-year period show significant improvement in knowledge of issues included in the program's content; violence reduction, goal setting, anger management, drugs and alcohol avoidance and other life management skills. Read More » (PDF)

The Latest ARISE Evaluation Report

ARISE A documented evidenced based program with 25 year of history.The ARISE Evidence-Based life skills curricula and staff training programs have been evaluated in several independent evidence-based studies.

The Recidivism/re-adjudication are significantly better. There are significant improvements in youth's empathy and violence-related aggressive behavior as well as significant improvement in staff attitude toward youth and documented altercations. Brief Synopsis (PDF) | Full Version (PDF)


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This collection of 55 ARISE Positivity Cards come with 110 messages. There are two sides to every card. They are life lessons reduced to just a few words using memorable, often amusing concepts and beautiful graphics.This is your opportunity to compliment surprise and amaze those who are important to you. Share with people in your life that you’d like to thank for doing something good, or those who need a positive boost. Your payback will be amazing.

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