ARISE Life Skill Lessons and Staff Training

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Evidence-Based Life Skills Lessons and Professional Staff Training
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ARISE Life Skills Curricula

Trainings for staff working with at-risk youth or other difficult populations.
ARISE Life skills curriculum containing interactive, attention grabbing activities in plain unadulterated English that enables youth to easily understand and retain each learning experience.

ARISE Staff Training

Trainings for staff working with at-risk youth or other difficult populations. ARISE professional trainings have proven to be effective and transformational for the past 30 plus years.

ARISE Programs

The unique ARISE life management skills curricula are used around the world. ARISE programs are implemented by various organizations and communities such as these listed here.

ARISE Positivity Cards and Posters

ARISE foundation a non profit since 1986 A life skill lesson for youth and staff training.Most of us would pat ourselves on the back if we were able to foster even one of the following qualities in those we are attempting to educate: empathy, optimism, responsible decision making, etc View all.

ARISE Life Skills Curricula and Staff Training is Evidence-Based: University of Miami

University of Miami evaluated the ARISE life skills curricula and staff training examining the “success rates” among various groups of learners.During the past 25 years, not one but two University of Miami tenured professors attested to the effectiveness of ARISE life-skills curricula and staff trainings in evidence-based studies. Evaluation data over a five-year period show significant improvement in knowledge of issues included in the program's content; violence reduction, goal setting, anger management, drugs and alcohol avoidance and other life management skills. Read More » (PDF)

The Latest ARISE Evaluation Report

ARISE A documented evidenced based program with 25 year of history.The ARISE Evidence-Based life skills curricula and staff training programs have been evaluated in several independent evidence-based studies.
Brief Synopsis (PDF) | Full Version (PDF)