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Today more than ever, youth suffer from stress, anxiety, depression, anger, substance abuse, lack of self-confidence and trauma. Improving the mental well-being of children and youth is critical.

ARISE has an extensive library of evidenced based life skills for at risk youth in schools, juvenile detention, secure facilities, foster care, mental health facilities and community-based organizations.

ARISE curriculum was written specifically for at risk youth. The lessons encourage friendly group participation and contain concepts that are easily understood.  There are no big words to stumble or fall over therefore there is no cause for frustration and anger. Each lesson stands alone, and group participants gain valuable basic life skills that last youth a lifetime.

We can all agree that these are uncommon times. The demand for mental well-being exceeds the resources available. ARISE can make a huge difference by quickly training staff at your facilities to share a huge collection of essential life skills lessons.

ARISE offers its evidenced-based life skills curriculum and proven staff training, to effectively provide at-risk, troubled youth with real-world tools they must have to survive, succeed and lead a good life. 

Let’s help kids find the on ramp to successful lives.

Curriculum Packages

ARISE evidence-based life skills curriculum packages are suited for classes and large groups, containing all the material needed to deliver a complete life skills program.

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Specialized Curriculum Packages

ARISE specialized curriculum packages are suited for classes and large groups, containing all the material needed to deliver a complete life skills program.

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En Español

ARISE life skills curriculum in Spanish is perfect for non or limited English speakers whose native language is Spanish. Deliver a complete life skills program in Spanish.

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Online & Onsite Staff Training

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Testimonial from Vincent Schiraldi former Director Department of Youth Rehabilitation Services, DC

“ARISE provides the perfect combination of curriculum and staff training for those working with troubled youth who have behavioral, academic, motivational and emotional challenges.”

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Evidence Based Results


“Our facility uses the ARISE Life Skills Work in Progress series “Anger Management” book.  We are currently working on the “Cage the Rage” lesson which is part of this book.   Our youth love the worksheets which are not too long and leave plenty of time for discussion after the worksheets are completed.”

Melissa Okimura, BS CATC-RI, David & Margaret Youth and Family Services. La Verne, California

“The most helpful part of the online training was having interactive activities/assignments throughout the lesson. Actually seeing people go through the training and possibly asking questions that you have is also helpful. The trainer was really enthused, energetic, and knowledgeable about the curriculum. She wanted to make sure that the trainees had a clear understanding of what was being taught and the contents being transmitted..”

April Easterling, Dundedin, Michigan

“The most positive experience was to see this difference the lesson made in the lives of the youth and to witness the youth change for the better.” “Yes! I thank God for ARISE because the lessons have not only helped me with the youth, but the lessons also helped me personally.” “The youth have become much more committed to their life goals.” “Since becoming an ARISE Life Skill Instructor I have seen youth become more interested in life.”

Tammy Wright Covenant House Washington (Respite Center)
HELP AT-RISK YOUTH, Donations give you an  opportunity to provide life  skills education that helps  at-risk youth reach their highest potential.  Life Skills Are Not Heredity, They Must Be Taught. Make A Donation


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