Life Skills Lessons as Part of Your Summer Program for At-Risk Youth from Elementary to High School

Incorporating life skills into a summer school program or summer camp program can be beneficial.  It can offer youth practical knowledge and abilities that are essential for success in life. Here are some life skills that can be incorporated into your summer programs.

  • Communication Skills:  Do activities that focus on effective communication such as group discussions, acting, public speaking.
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving: Engage in activities that require finding solutions to problems.
  • Time Management: Teach techniques for prioritizing tasks, setting goals and managing time effectively.
  • Financial Literacy: Introducing basic concepts of budgeting, saving and spending.
  • Safety and Health: The importance on nutrition and Exercise through interactive lessons.
  • Anger and stress Management: Providing strategies for coping with stress, understanding your anger buttons, and building resilience.
  • Environmental awareness: Learning how youth can preserve their environment.
  • Interpersonal Skills: Facilitating activities that promote effective communication, active listening, and conflict resolution.
  • Career exploration:  Learning about various career paths, interviewing and what it takes to keep a job.


By integrating these life skills into your summer school or summer camp program, you help at-risk youth prepare for success in various aspects of their lives.

Visit the ARISE website to view Summer School and Camp curriculum packages for elementary, middle and high school youth:

ARISE Life Skills Curriculum for Summer School and
Camp Programs for Elementary, Middle and High School