Fatherhood: Dad’s Basic Training - Instructor's Manual (Spanish version)

Fatherhood: Dad’s Basic Training - Instructor's Manual (Spanish version)

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Parenting skills are not inherited or instinctive. They must be observed and learned. Today, too many young people reach adolescence without the good examples of their own parents. This life skills activities manual is “Dad’s Basic Training” for teenage boys and young men. It shows them that making a baby just to prove you can do it isn’t cool or smart. Youth will see that a good father is one who understands, supports, loves and protects his children and family.

The 146-page teen life skills Instructor’s Manual contains lesson plans for all lessons and activities, 60 pages of activities, 3 review activities, 3 section quizzes, 3 answer key pages, 4 short stories, 3 biographies of inspiring fathers, and 6 ARISE motivational posters. Some of the topics covered are the responsibilities of fatherhood, raising an emotionally and physically healthy child, discipline, and building character.

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