Life Skills Stories Series

Life Skills Stories Series

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ARISE short stories are meant to be used in groups. They are specifically written for at risk youth with limited attention spans and an inability (or desire) to read on their own. All ARISE stories are designed to be read aloud “jump read” a few sentences (or more) at time. Those intimidated at the prospect of actually reading can elect to “Pass” and the next person in the group takes over.

Group leaders, teachers find it easy to open discussion during and after these interactive storytelling activities. All ARISE Lessons are geared toward youth participation. ARISE Life Skills also work wonderfully when youth of different ages and academic abilities are grouped together. It’s amazing, but true. In fact, we guarantee it! SAVE-Group participants do not require individual copies. ONE instructor manual of each ARISE stories book is all that is needed.  There are no learner workbooks with this series.

The 5 books below make up the complete ARISE Stories Life Skills series:

View sample pages from each book by clicking on the links below and then click on VIEW SAMPLE.

Enough is Enough: Grandma Shares Heartbreaking Stories
Anger Danger: 50+ Anger Stories with Real-Life Consequences
Are You Living an Upside Down Life?
Gangs: 50+ Stories of Fractured Lives
Taneka's Tales 31 Stories of Urban Life