Rescue Me! Mother Earth Calls 911 Series

Rescue Me! Mother Earth Calls 911 Series

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Mother Earth Dials 911 is a concise, easy-to-read, two-book Life Skills series. The series provides solutions for what’s hurting our environment and helps young people become crusaders for a very vital cause: our planet’s survival!

Book 1 topics include environmental facts, protecting the planet, enviro-shopping, recycling, batteries, styrofoam and waste reduction. In Book 2, youth will realize the environment must be handled with care. While no one can undo the damage of the past, we can prevent future destruction of our natural resources. Topics include air and water pollution, water conservation, pesticides, trees and energy.

Both books contain easy to follow environmental education lesson plans and activities for kids which are interesting and memorable. These books are perfect for earth day lesson plans and earth day activities for kids. Series includes two instructor manuals and two learner workbooks.

Rescue Me! Environmental Basics
Rescue Me! Environmental Basics Learner Workbook
Rescue Me! What's Hurting Me?
Rescue Me! What's Hurting Me? Learner Workbook