Middle School – Dropout Prevention

If you see that a young person is not doing well and is a problem, don’t let them slip away and become a school dropout. The decision to drop out does not occur quickly. It can start in elementary school and in middle school they start skipping classes and then in high school they drop out. Over a lifetime, dropouts typically earn less, suffer from poorer health​ as adults, and are more likely to wind up in jail than those who stayed in school and graduated from high school.

It is important to educate youth on what life will be like if they choose to not finish school as compared to what it may look like if they choose to stay in school. Making good decisions about the future requires knowledge on why staying in school is what they need to focus on rather than thinking about dropping out. ARISE Foundation has life skills lessons on the value of not dropping out. Share with middle school aged youth the ARISE Dropping Out of School and ARISE Staying in School below.

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