Youth At-Risk of Dropping Out of School

Preventing at-risk youth from dropping out of school involves addressing various factors that contribute to disengagement and lack of motivation.

Youth At-Risk of Dropping Out of School

To Prevent Youth from Dropping out of School:

  • Use engaging curriculum that is relevant and interesting.
  • Incorporate real-world applications to make learning meaningful.
  • Use diverse teaching methods.
  • Use social and emotional learning:
    • Teach coping skills.
    • Work on interpersonal communication.
    • Address bullying and conflict resolution.
    • Stress the importance of maintaining physical and mental well-being.
    • Prepare youth for networking, finding and keeping a job and dealing with money.
    • Educate on the consequences of decisions and the impact on their future.
    • Provide strategies for time management.
    • Teach how to set both short and long-term goals.

By combining these tools and strategies, you can create a more comprehensive approach to preventing dropouts and promoting a positive and engaging educational experience for at-risk youth.

Dropout Indicators

ARISE provides life skills curriculum to help teach the tools needed to prevent youth from dropping out of school!