You Bet I'm Listening

You Bet I'm Listening

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You Bet I’m Listening is a manual used to train volunteers to just sit and listen to the youth. They do not give opinions, they don’t judge, they just listen.

Youth today can feel disconnected, face many problems, experience struggles and trauma in their life. They need someone they can talk to and someone who can just listen to them.

With the invention of cell phones and the internet, sitting in front of another person and engaging in meaningful dialogue is becoming an extinct art form. 85% of what we know, we learn from listening.

Listening is not easy, but is can be learned. Listening has many attributes. It gathers information, builds strong relationships, and helps solve problems.

The 52-page manual provides:
  • Techniques for becoming a good listener.
  • Tips and strategies for conducting “I’m Listening “ sessions.
  • Roadblocks in communication\How to establish rapport as a listener.
  • Conversation starters.
  • Problem solving skills.
  • Points on becoming a non- judgmental listener.

Who can be a listener?

  • Volunteer parents
  • College volunteers
  • Designated school or facility personnel

How you can get started?

  • Recruit the volunteers and provide them with the manual to read and they are ready to begin.
  • Provide a space for the listener and youth to sit at for a designated period.

The Birth of the You Bet I’m Listening

ARISE was inspired to create this manual by Dr. Mabel Barth of Denver Colorado who listened to youth on college campuses. ARISE wanted to teach people that work with at-risk youth how to become nonjudgmental listeners. ARISE recruited college students from local universities. Each volunteer was trained using this manual and then over a 10 week period listened to at-risk juveniles for one hour per week.