Life Management Skills for Adults: Violence and Conflict (Book 2) - Instructor's Manual

Life Management Skills for Adults: Violence and Conflict (Book 2) - Instructor's Manual

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We all have occasional differences , even with people we love. Avoiding conflicts that can escalate into extreme violence requires the knowledge and skills demonstrated in these interactive lessons.

Those who had problems restraining themselves when it comes to controlling their temper will find these lessons extremely valuable.Once you become familiar with the ideas, examples and concepts of the life skills in this book and how effective they can be at managing your “cool”, you will find it easy to avoid the trigger situations that previously demanded negative reactions.You will take pride in maintaining personal control of your emotions.

Two of the many priceless tools you will come away with from this training experience, is how to use “I” statements to stay on the right track in your relationships. You will also learn the secret of keeping a personal conflict log where you can look back and reflect on situations where you may have “lost it “.

Uncontrolled violence and conflict can lead to daily disasters, unending cycles of apologies , guilt and wrecked relationships. As this program unfolds through its interactive activities, participants have the opportunity to get their feelings out in the open, learn from each others mistakes and experiences. The full impact of this program will be felt long after these training sessions are over.

Participants will take away the necessary techniques for managing their lives where perhaps for the first time they can admit to being completely in control of their emotions. They will have the tools to make positive and lasting changes in the way they look at life and their relationships with friends, family and those they spend their work lives with.

The 112 page Instructor’s Manual contains teaching guidelines for all life skills lessons and activities, 54 pages of activities, 3 section quizzes, 2 assessment pages, answer keys, and 9 motivational posters.

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