Sprouts: Building a Family (Book 6) - Instructor's Manual (Spanish version)

Sprouts: Building a Family (Book 6) - Instructor's Manual (Spanish version)

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  • Some teenagers mistakenly think that having a baby to love, dress and play with will improve their lives. Sprouts Book 6 Building a Family stops teens in their tracks and focuses them on reality. The Building a Family book deals with defining family, building a strong family, extended family, single parenting, the father’s role, child care, and family conflicts and resolution. It is recommended that the Building a Family book be used to prevent teen pregnancy by letting learners, and particularly at risk youth, realize the full scope of what it takes to parent a child. It provides a look at the nearly insurmountable challenges teens face as single parents or when building a family.

This Building a Family 122 page Instructor’s Manual contains lesson plans for all lessons and activities, 83 pages of learner’s worksheets, 7 quizzes and 1 assessment, answer keys, 3 Building a Family short stories and 5 motivational posters.

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