Get Smart! Series

Get Smart! Series

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The Complete 7-Book Series Printed in Hard-copy : six books plus teaching guide

Years ago, families gathered to hear stories and absorb advice from their elders. In today’s fast-paced world, the Get Smart books act as a mini-encyclopedia of easily-digested wisdom.

Packed with tips, tactics and strategies on everything from anger management to dealing with depression, these six enlightening manuals teach life skills in clear “Top 20” lists, stories and practical advice.

From bulliesforgivenessmanaging emotions, and why waiting for sex is a good idea to inside tips for success, this enlightening, comic book-style life skills library contains years of wisdom and advice in each volume.

The text is fast, easy reading and, along with the illustrations and activities, will hold the attention of even reluctant readers.

Included is the Tips for Teaching ARISE Get Smart! – a guide to using the series effectively.

Each of the books can also be purchased individually as a printed hard copy:

View sample pages from each book by clicking on the links below and then click on VIEW SAMPLE.

Get Smart! Book 1 Success, Worry and Forgiveness
Get Smart! Book 2 Tips on Managing Emotions and Success
Get Smart! Book 3 Bullying, Courtesy, Violence and Profanity
Get Smart! Book 4 Day in the Life of a Dropout, Teenage Mom, Behind Bars and Success Quotes
Get Smart! Book 5 Friends, Incarceration, 67 Reasons to Wait for Sex, Motherly Advice and Threats
Get Smart! Book 6 Secrets of Success Quotes
Get Smart! Book 7 Tips for Teaching