Domestic Abuse - Instructor's Manual

Domestic Abuse - Instructor's Manual

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Poignant powerful and memorable, ARISE Domestic Abuse group learning activities discuss topics from verbal to sexual abuse in nonthreatening, basic language. Written specifically for preteens and teen girls. These domestic abuse lessons take a very sensitive subject and bring it into the open. The group discusses thoughts ,emotions and real life experiences that encourages conversation and interaction. End the cycle of violence by teaching learners how to defuse conflict, recognize abuse and take practical steps to stop it. Topics include lesson plans to end physical, sexual and emotional abuse and end cycles of family violence.

The 94-page Domestic Abuse Instructor’s Manual contains lesson plans for all Domestic Abuse lessons and activities, 56 pages of learner’s worksheets, 3 section quizzes with answer keys, and 4 domestic abuse motivational posters.

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