Brain Food: Creating a Positive Outlook (Book 2)

Brain Food: Creating a Positive Outlook (Book 2)

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Creating a Positive Outlook is appealing to teachers and administrators because it reduces frustration in the classroom by providing positive thinking on life.  Discover 250 opportunities to teach teens and particularly at risk youth in after school programs, juvenile diversion programs, middle school and high school, life skills to manage anger, temper, procrastination, confrontation, depression, and abuse. This life skills book encourages positive thinking on life. Best of all, we guarantee attentive youth anxious to share their own opinions.

The 62-page Creating a Positive Outlook book contains 22 pages of tips, 25 pages of activities, and an answer key.  Book 2 of a 6-book series that contains over 2000 self-improvement strategies and tactics for getting and staying ahead and keep thinking positive.

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