ARISE and Head Start

ARISE and Head Start

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Since 1986, ARISE has published award-winning educational material written in plain, understandable English that is relevant to pre-K and kindergarten children and their caregivers. This information will promote social and emotional development.

Relevant topics include child safety and social skill development, as well as Family Tools to build family well-being and positive parent-child relationships. Drawing on over 30 years of evidence-based, national and international experience, the ARISE Life-Skills and Staff Training program has created interactive, comprehensive, child-centered curricula for building the capacity of at-risk children and their caregivers with need-to-know topics like safety, dealing with anger, building family relationships and much more.

ARISE life-skills lessons satisfy many of the Head Start program performance standards.

Special ARISE Head Start Package

The ARISE Head Start Package is emotionally-rich, stimulating, and engaging. You now have the unique opportunity to assemble your own ARISE life-skills library at a generous reduction off the normal retail price, nallowing you to add evidence-based structure to your programs