Taneka’s Tales: 31 Stories of Urban Life

Taneka’s Tales: 31 Stories of Urban Life

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Everyone loves a good story. This collection of 31 life skills stories for teens about urban life is a window into the lives of at-risk youth living with AIDS, domestic abuse, gun violence, drug use, gang culture, and more. Told in the first person, each story invites the reader to empathize with the characters.

Perfect life skills curriculum for high school, middle school, after school programs, juvenile diversion programs, reentry programs and alternatives to incarceration.

Every easy-to-read story is followed by discussion ideas and activities designed to inspire thought and conversation. Like all great fables, each story teaches an important lesson about making the right choices. This 100-page book also includes 5 motivational posters.

Stamp out boredom! Share Taneka’s Urban Life Tales. No supplies, videos, or VCR to set up, just remarkable stories on sex, drinking, happiness, young girls and older men, gang stories and AIDS plus 27 more no-heads-on-the-desk, hair-twirling, or bored-expressions lessons. Great training for at-risk youth.