High School - Physical Abuse Prevention

High school–age students and young adults should learn physical abuse prevention techniques to protect themselves and those they love. They should also learn that domestic violence does not have to leave marks on one’s body. It can come in the form of taking power and control over someone. Teens can be involved in such non-physical abuse by mistaking controlling behavior as a sign of love. sations and insults.

Domestic violence includes abuse that occurs between intimate partners and family members. It is anytime someone who is supposed to love and care for another person becomes abusive toward them. Domestic violence has many forms:  physical violence like intimidation, aggression, and sexual abuse.

The ARISE Foundation publishes a physical abuse prevention curriculum to use with high school students and young adults that can help them recognize the signs of domestic abuse and violence as well as learn to prevent or avoid them.

Sexual abuse can be very damaging and painful to teens. Teens need to learn that consent is necessary from both people—it’s not “If you love me, you will have sex”. That is forcing someone without their consent. 

One in three young people will be in an abusive or unhealthy relationship—33 percent of adolescents in America are victims of sexual, physical, verbal, or emotional abuse

The ARISE life skills curriculum below includes physical abuse prevention lessons along with lessons to help teens understand, avoid and deal with domestic and sexual abuse.

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