Basic Health 101 Series

Basic Health 101 Series

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The 2-Book Series Printed in Hard-copy :

Includes two Instructor Manuals and two Learner Workbooks a total of four books.

With the government cutting health care costs for those who have the least in the way of coverage and know-how, the ARISE Basic Health 101 is more relevant than ever. It’s past time to shift from hoping for good health to taking pro-active steps to ensure wellness in those whose poor health habits are normally ignored.

Basic Health 101 uses positive interactive group learning exercises, puzzles and games to teach health and hygiene, nutrition and exercise fundamentals—perfect for those who have given little thought to maintaining their own well-being.

This Basic Health 101 series alerts teens and others to stop gambling thinking a doctor or hospital will come to their rescue when a health calamity strikes.

Basic Health 101 provides the necessary wide-ranging activities specifically designed to encourage healthier lifestyles.

Each of the manuals can also be purchased individually as a printed hard-copy. Each manual has a corresponding learner’s workbook available for purchase as a printed hard-copy:

View sample pages from each book by clicking on the links below for each Manual and then click on VIEW SAMPLE.

Basic Health Book 1 Health and Hygiene (Manual)
Basic Health Book 1 Health and Hygiene (Workbook)

Basic Health Book 2 Nutrition and Exercise (Manual)
Basic Health Book 2 Nutrition and Exercise (Workbook)