Youth Violence Prevention Through ARISE Life Skills Group Lessons

According to the CDC, youth violence refers to harmful behaviors that can start early and continue into young adulthood. The young person can be a victim, an offender, or a witness to the violence.

Youth violence includes various behaviors. Some violent acts—such as bullying, slapping, or hitting—can cause more emotional harm than physical harm. Others, such as robbery and assault (with or without weapons) can lead to serious injury or even death.

The ultimate goal is to stop youth violence before it starts. Several prevention strategies have been identified.

That’s where ARISE life-management skill training and group sessions come into play. ARISE approaches the situation from many different angles. First, ARISE provides training to the staff of the juvenile justice facility. Some of the staff members are certified as ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitators. During their training, they learn how to interact with the troubled teens and get them interested and involved in ARISE groups.

As the teens participate in the group, they begin to trust each other and the facilitator. They slowly open up. As they get more comfortable, they listen. Once the ARISE Group Facilitator has their attention, the teens learn and appreciate the life skills lessons packed into the ARISE curriculum. The ARISE curriculum is a critical part of “softening” these often-violent offenders.

A major component of the ARISE curriculum is anger management. Teaching these angry teens how to control their emotions and defuse conflict is the most effective way to keep them from ending up back in the system—or worse—six feet under.

Anger management is just the beginning of the ARISE curriculum. As the lessons progress, the youth learn about self- esteem, drug and alcohol abuse prevention, job search skills, money management, and nutrition and health. ARISE has an extensive library of over 260 easily understood life lessons.

How successful have you been preventing this type of behavior with the youth you care for.  Let us know!