Workplace Well Being

The research is in: Dr David Ballard of the American Psychology Association ( APA) indicated that workplaces flourish when people are engaged and engagement numbers shoot up when workers feel valued. If employees feel valued, 92% are satisfied with their job compared to only 29% if they do not feel valued. When people feel valued they are less tense, less stressed and are motivated to do their best.

How to Create Workplace Well Being?

According to Dr. James O. Pawelski, a company can develop interventions that stop bad things from happening. 

One such bad thing is workplace bullying.

Bullying in the workplace can take on many different forms such as exclusion, yelling at someone, false accusations, put-downs, criticisms, withholding information and  verbal abuse:

The following ideas come from an article titled 5 Steps for handling a Workplace Bully by Chrissy Scviccque, founder of and who is a life coach, corporate trainer and public speaker.

  • Evaluate the situation: What’s happening here? Is this person nasty to everyone, or just you?  Take a step back and look what is going on. Practice patience-don’t let their bad attitude affect you.
  • Stand up for yourself: Give the people instructions regarding what is acceptable behavior and what is not. Remain polite and professional while setting your limits firmly. Don’t get into an arguments, look him in the eyes and be strong.
  • Document your situation: Keep a log of your interactions- what the person says and does and what you say and do. Don’t let the bully push your buttons and make you react emotionally.
  • Get superiors involved – In most organizations you get the HR department involved- Make sure you have good documentation.
  • Move on: if you have gone to HR and still no change, move on. This is not letting the bully win. You need to take care of yourself. You need a safe environment in which to work. Take your skills elsewhere.

One such good thing is to institute wellness practices in the workplace.

  • Health education targeting lifestyle behavior changes.
  • Integrate healthy choices.
  • Instead of offering just soda, provide bottles of water as a choice.
  • Devote a room exclusively for 15 minute relaxation breaks.
  • Start a yoga class for after work or a walkers group.
  • Offer stress reduction exercises.

Another good thing is intertwine work with life.  Successful companies understand how to interface work life and home life.

  • Offer time management training.
  • Offer anger management training.
  • Offer meditation.

Training to Improve Well Being in the Workplace and At-Home

ARISE Offers their Drop It at the Door Training that encompasses how to achieve positive well-being at work and at home. ARISE Drop It at The Door training provides participants with the tools needed to handle the anger and stress in the workplace and the worry, anxiety and guilt that often awaits us as we open our own front door.

Elements of the ARISE Drop it at the Door Training:

  • Mental toughness when facing off with bullies.
  • Simple steps for reducing stress before it overwhelms and medical doctors are called in.
  • Control the grouches, gossips and groaners who plague your life.
  • Quietly mange unpleasant situations through proven relaxation techniques.
  • Steps to de-stress and calm down after dealing with difficult situations (people) at work and home.

Drop it at the Door is available as an online training