Taneka’s Tales

Everyone loves a good story. Stories are memorable. They inspire empathy, encourage imagination and have the capacity to be great teaching tools. Most kids and teens have trouble sitting still for lecture, but they will gladly listen to a story. Tell them a good tale, and you teach life skills through a “side door” in their mind. Taneka’s Tales is our best-selling volume of 31 short, easy-to-read stories, all told in the first person. The book’s author, Taneka Riley, grew up with many of the same issues that face the people in the book: violence, drugs, guns, teen pregnancy, AIDS and more. She triumphed over her surroundings and graduated from Howard University. Taneka’s Tales are meant to captivate and educate. Each story is followed by an interactive exercise designed to encourage thought and open discussion. Taneka’s Tales is a perfect alternative to a boring classroom lesson. Teaching life skills does not have to be tedious. To order Taneka’s Tales or any of the other helpful ARISE Life Skills books and materials, visit our website