Tallahassee Airport Guest Service Desk Employee Gets Noticed!

It was another day on the job for Mary, assisting frazzled travelers and pointing people toward their flights at Tallahassee Regional Airport’s Guest Service desk. She got up from her post to stretch her legs. When she returned, she found a little blue card lying atop a newspaper she’d left on her desk. It said, “You’ve Been Noticed Doing Something Very Good.” Mary was flattered that someone had taken the time to acknowledge her kindness and hard work. 

The little card was like a spot of sunshine to start her day. Mary picked the card up and turned it over. On the back was ARISE Foundation’s phone number and web address. On a whim, Mary called the number. Susan Benson, ARISE co-founder, picked up the phone. Mary told her about finding the card and how great it made her feel. Susan realized that they had given a “You’ve Been Noticed” card to a police officer a few weeks earlier at the same airport, after he had graciously helped the Bensons find a place for dinner. He obviously paid it forward! The Bensons give the “You’ve Been Noticed” cards to people to acknowledge them for a job well done, an especially kind word or a helpful gesture.

So often, people only acknowledge each other when they find faults. The “You’ve Been Noticed” cards are a simple way to let someone know that you appreciate them and that their actions made a difference, however small. Susan got Mary’s address and mailed her a handful of additional cards, so she too could reward those around her for their kindness. Click here to order life skills positivity cards.