How Teachers Can Help at-Risk Youth Succeed

How Teachers Can Help at-Risk Youth Succeed

At-risk youth must be supported at school if they’re not receiving vital life skills in other places. For this reason, teachers who work with at-risk youth have responsibility to ensure these children are successful. This piece will discuss how teachers can help their at-risk youth succeed in the classroom and beyond.

Be Compassionate and Provide Hope

All teachers should be compassionate to their students. However, at-risk youth need to be shown a little more compassion. Troubled youth need someone to lean on. They need to know that you care about them. In many circumstances, these children are forced into adulthood much quicker than they should be. Educators must always be listening and open so students can express things they might not be able to at home.

Research has found the students who have hope have greater academic success. Children who are hopefully have higher self-esteem and social skills. Provide an atmosphere where all kids feel they can achieve. Promote the following environment in your classroom: Help the kids keep an eye on the future, ask questions about how they are daily, help them making plans for what they want to do, promote generosity and helping one another, and encourage them to be creative and learn new things.

Teach Life Skills – They are not Inherited

The only way to prepare kids for a successful future is to teach kids life skills. It is important to start in the child’s early years. ARISE Foundation has elementary life skills curriculum that educators can utilize to teach young children everything from character development, physical and mental wellbeing, self-esteem, building friendships, dealing with conflict, respecting others, listening skills, handling emotions, and dangers of guns, drugs and alcohol.. Using these programs, adults can learn how to better prepare at-risk youth for the challenges they may face later on in life and provide hope for a better future.

This article has discussed how teachers can help at-risk youth succeed. Every educator plays a part in developing a child’s personality and behavior. Educators who work with at-risk youth arguably have a more significant responsibility to ensure the youth exit the system in a peaceful way. Luckily, the ARISE Foundation is here to help adults get the life skills curriculum and staff training they need so they can help at-risk students succeed.