Gainesville Police Department Hosts ARISE 2-day Life Skills Instructor Training!

Blog by Su Sigrist

The ARISE 2-Day Life Skills Training, hosted at the progressive Gainesville Police Department on August 2nd and 3rd, featured an additional training element in preparation for the upcoming school year.  In attendance were the Principal, Assistant Principal, and 15 Teachers from A. Quinn Jones – a local alternative school – plus three School Resource Officers from the Gainesville PD.

By request, ARISE master trainer Su Sigrist expanded the section of training devoted to handling challenging behaviors.  The new information included verbal de-escalation techniques, pattern interrupts, and the use of a motivational interviewing type model for creating intriguing class lessons in which even the most difficult youth can become engaged. Members of the group took turns role-playing difficult behaviors so the lesson facilitator could practice these new techniques.  The trainees gained confidence in their facilitation skills and behavior management, and those role-playing the difficult students had a great time putting their experience to use!  Everyone came away with new tricks up their sleeves, and are excited for the start of the new school year.