Essential Life Skills To Teach High School Students

Essential Life Skills To Teach High School Students

Life passes by quickly. Kids grow into teens before you know it, and they need to be ready for life. Here are the essential life skills to teach high school students to ensure they become well-rounded adults.

Money and Budgeting Skills

Money is vital to having a comfortable life, and learning how to budget helps at-risk high schoolers learn about conscious spending and planning for the future. Set your at-risk high schoolers up for financial success by teaching them these skills.

Personal Health and Hygiene

At-risk high school students need to learn personal hygiene—how to keep themselves well-groomed and clean. Teach them how to take care of their bodies through proper nutrition and exercise. It’s also important for them to know when to go to a doctor versus when they can treat themselves.

Coping With Emotions

It’s important for at-risk high school students to practice self-control and anger management. They need to learn what triggers their anger and how to have self-control. Teach them techniques for managing their feelings in a healthy way.

How To Interact With People

Another essential life skill to teach high school students is how to interact with other people, so your at-risk high schooler should work on developing basic communication skills. Basic communication skills will take them far in life when it comes to applying to schools or a job.

The ARISE Foundation offers life skills lesson plans for at-risk high school students so they can prepare for the world ahead. The ARISE Online Life Skills Facilitator Training  provides staff working with at-risk high school students the skills to enhance group participation so that the students can learn from one another. In the training, staff learn how to use the ARISE teaching formula, which assists them in introducing the lesson, developing engaging questions, increasing participation, and coming up with unique activities. The training introduces methods for positive reinforcement and behavior management concepts.

This training is a comprehensive, self-paced, 20-hour training designed to be taken at any time from anywhere; you will have 60 days to complete the training. While the training is self-paced, that does not mean you are on your own. ARISE is with you to offer encouragement, give suggestions, and answer any questions you may have during the entire training experience.