Do you think at-risk youth and the staff that work with them need a positive environment?

If you answered yes to that question then ARISE can help you achieve this goal.

What is a Positive Work environment? 

According to the University of Florida, a positive work environment can mean the difference between success and failure for an organization. In Creating a Positive Workplace for Your Associates, IFAS Extension agreed with the authors of Whites definition that it is a place where employees are happy and motivated ( White, 2002; HR Zone, 2000) . So therefore, if the staff is happy, the at-risk youth will be happy and attentive. Management and staff that use positive reinforcement to motivate employees and youth will go home happier because they have made a lasting impact.

ARISE Takes Positivity Seriously

ARISE Foundation takes positivity very seriously. While observing staff in juvenile justice facilities, group homes, alternative school settings, for over a quarter of a century they concluded that many of these people were just plain unhappy. Add to this: at-risk youth did not want to be in strange restrictive, surroundings, cut off from their families and friends. As a result they often made life difficult for staff. The staff had their own problems in today’s economic times such as job security, not enough salary to meet living expenses, problems with their own kids, not being able to pay their bills etc. Add to this a boss who is underpaid and overworked who may not realize the importance of complimenting others for a job well done. Put all this together and you have an unhappy workplace. View ARISE life skills positivity cards

ARISE Life Skills Posters

These full color (laminated) posters affixed to doors throughout your workplace will inspire both staff, youth and those visiting with positive messages. Choose from a selection of messages or our graphic designer will create positive door posters using the name of your organization and a short message.ARISE Guarantees to Make Your Workplace More Positive! See all life skills posters