Cough syrup with Codeine: not a good idea for children

Cough syrup with codeine is harmful for children. Help your child by learning the facts.

Just like any other poison, Codeine can be life threatening when administered in excess.  And so are common household products.

Every year, 91,000 poisonings to children are treated in hospital emergency rooms. Of that 91,000 more than 100 are fatal. For every 10 poison exposures to children, 9 occur in the home!

Recently, some poison alerts have been added by the AAPCC.  They warn about synthetic cathinones, or “bath salts” which are powerful drugs that can cause hallucinations and violent behavior. The AAPCC reported an uptick in electronic cigarettes and liquid nicotine to which children and young adults might be exposed and can be extremely harmful.  Particularly in Florida where portable generators have gained popularity over the last few years, carbon monoxide poisoning is another silent killer that may put children at risk.  And let’s not forget the highly concentrated “single-load liquid laundry packets” that can cause serious harm to young children.

The National Capital Poison Center provides the following poison prevention tips:

Storage Tips:

  • Store medicines and products in their original containers.
  • Lock medicines and household products where children cannot see or reach them.
  • Use child-resistant packaging. Replace the caps tightly.
  • Store household products in a different place from food and medicine.
  • Keep purses and briefcases out of children’s reach.

Prevent Poisoning from Medicines:

  • Read the label before taking or giving medicine.
  • Use medicine only as directed by your doctor or the label.
  • Call medicine by its proper name, not “candy”.
  • Take medicine in a place where children cannot watch, because children learn by imitating adults.

Prevent Poisoning from Products and Plants:

  • Use household products according to label directions. Mixing household products can cause dangerous gases to form.
  • Keep house plants out of children’s reach. Even if the plants are not poisonous, they might cause choking.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning:

  • Keep appliances, furnaces, fireplaces, and wood-burning stoves in good repair.
  • Install a carbon monoxide alarm.

General Poison Prevention Tips:

  • When answering the phone or the door, take open products (or your children!) with you.
  • Put the poison center number  on or near your phone.
  • Be sure that every home where your child spends time is poison-proofed.

In the early years, it’s important that children learn to decipher between what objects and substances are safe to touch and/or eat. The 22-page ARISE Poison Prevention Activity Book not only teaches children what items are poisonous and unsafe, but does it in a fun and entertaining way. Nevertheless, what really makes this book unique is that while the children learn about poison safety, parents learn how to properly conceal these dangerous household items. Parents as well as children need to learn about labels, medicine, cleaning agents, cosmetics, plants, paint, and pesticides. This book is the perfect guide to keep your home safe.