ARISE Certified Nine New Life Skills Instructors in Kentucky!

On May 25, 2017, nine trainees received their ARISE certification as Life Skills Instructors.  The two day training was delivered on site in Lexington, Kentucky and was taught by ARISE Senior Trainer Su Sigrist.  The following trainees graduated successfully:

  • Rebecca Webb
  • Therese Wright
  • Carla D. Jordan
  • Jeremy Reese
  • Stephanie M. Andrews
  • Melissa Dickey
  • Eric Shaw Sr.
  • Sharon R. Newcomb
  • Misty Sullivan


ARISE offers three training methods to become a certified ARISE Life Skills Instructor.  The first option is the on-site option, either at an ARISE site or at your site (two days), next is the ARISE Live On-line Training which is delivered Live on line at set dates (2 days) and finally there is the self-paced ARISE Fully Online Life Skills Instructor training (+/- 20 hours) to be completed within 30 days from registration.

Hope to see you at one of these trainings soon!