Anger Management & Communication Skills are Mandatory

Many people do not achieve their desired goals, not because of inefficiency, but because they lack positive thinking. Positive thinking is not a life skill that can be acquired. It is a thought process that needs to be planted into the brains of today’s youth.

In today’s world, youth are at risk. Competing with one’s peers and materialistic needs have made the young generation become victims of depression, anxiety and anger. Lacking communication skills to express their feelings is another factor. To relieve the pressure put on them by society, beautiful young lives are wasting away in drugs and alcohol-  More than ever, today’s youth are more angry and prone to crime and are desperately in need of anger management skills.

Therefore, it is important to teach youth and particularly youth at risk the life skills they need to lead a better life.  Instructors trained in teaching these life skills to at risk youth are imperative to the success of turning these youth around. Community based organizations are starting to realize that they play an important role in developing the positive attitudes among adolescents as well as adults. Programs for teaching life skills in high schools, life skills in middle schools, and even pre-k and elementary school have become a hot topic of discussion.  A lack of positive behavior and anger management skills are seen as important reasons why youth get into trouble. There are hundreds of youth every year that get into juvenile detention because of mischief, uncontrolled anger, and other criminal behavior.

These youth are not beyond help.  They desperately need the proper tools to turn their lives around.  And that is ARISE’s mission.  For more than 25 years, ARISE has devoted its resources to the development of life skills programs and activities for at-risk youth.  These programs work.  They are evidence based, age appropriate manuals and lesson plans that any caregiver certified to teach the ARISE life skills will be able to deliver and get the results that are so important to the future of these troubled teens.