10 Tips for Finding & Keeping a Job

In these tough economic times, employers are hiring fewer people, making the pool of applicants more and more competitive. Here are 10 tips for finding and holding on to a rewarding job. For more life skills lessons or to schedule a staff training session on anger management, please visit the ARISE website: http://www.ariselife-skills.org.

  1. Be prepared to fill out an application. Write down and bring with you all important information: names of your previous employers; dates of employment; duties and salaries at past jobs; lists of your skills, education and training; names, current addresses and phone numbers of references; and a drivers license and social security number.
  2. Be prepared to “sell yourself.” Don’t be shy about discussing the things you do well.
  3. Drop off your resume or ask to fill out an application even if a company is not hiring at the time; they might need you in the future.
  4. Prepare for the possibility of an on-the-spot interview when picking up an application.
  5. Do some homework on the company you want to work for. Know exactly what kind of work they do or products they produce. Find out how long they have been in your city. This way, you will be better able to talk about why you want to work for this business and why you think you should be hired.
  6. Remember that a firm handshake is a good tool in an interview. It says, “I’m confident that I can do a good job.”
  7. Be sure to ask what the next step is when ending an interview. In other words, find out whether they will call you or you should call them, who your contact person is and his phone number (if you are told to call,) and when they will be making their decision about who is hired for the job.
  8. Care about what you do at your job. No matter what your specific task is, do a job you can be proud of.
  9. Remember what it’s like to not have a job and be thankful that you are now working.
  10. Ignore gossip if you want it to ignore you. Workplace gossip hurts others and comes back to haunt you.

Good luck!