ARISE Life Skills Training: What Exactly Does that Mean?

Since 1986 ARISE Foundation has provided evidence based life skills training opportunities to organizations working with at-risk populations. Over the years, ARISE has been proven to make fundamental changes in the lives of troubled youth by increasing peacemaking skills such as conflict resolution, problem solving and self control. Here is a breakdown of the kinds of training opportunities that ARISE offers:

ARISE 2-Day Life Skills Instructor Training

The 2-day life skills training course certifies participants on how to be ARISE Life Skills Instructors. This workshop is perfect for those with little to no teaching experience. ARISE Life Skills lessons are easy to understand, fun to teach and amazingly empowering for all involved. All ARISE lessons work for those with learning disabilities. The ARISE curricula adds structure to any program. It is non-sequential, meaning an instructor can open up a book and start anywhere. The lessons do not build upon each other, freeing the instructor to use whatever lessons they wish, whenever they wish.  This training is also available on line.

The 5-Day Master Train The Trainer Course 

This intensive 5-day workshop allows an individual to take the ARISE curricula and teach others at their organization how to effectively teach ARISE life skills to the youth in their care. The 5-day Train the Trainer course certifies participants as ARISE Life Skills Instructors, even if they have no formal teaching experience. Over the five days, attendees will learn how to comfortably conduct positive, interactive and engaging life skills workshops with the staff of their organization.

Drop It At The Door, 2-Day Training

The cornerstone of the ARISE Foundation’s Life Skills curricula is dealing with anger management. ARISE has many curricula for people on dealing with anger and conflict. ARISE developed the Drop It At The Door workshop for staff working with difficult populations. This training relieves stress and conflict in the workplace and reduces staff turnover. The focus is on interpersonal communication techniques, designed to effectively defuse conflicts before they become violent.Stress management and positivity makes this program vital for anyone who works in a stressful environment. –Drop it at the Door helps people deal with the economic nightmare we are all experiencing: budgets being squeezed, sky-high weekly grocery bills, gas costs, credit card debt, foreclosures and unemployment. The training solves the boomerang effect caused by stress and anger carried back and forth from work to home and vice versa. Drop it at the Door is perfect for people who work in high-stress occupations like police, corrections and probation officers.  This training is also available online.

To sign up for a training course, browse the hundreds of books in the ARISE Curricula or learn more about ARISE, visit the ARISE website or call Toll free 1 (888) 680-6100