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Upward Bound & ARISE

Job CorpsUpward Bound’s goal is to help students overcome class, academic, social, and cultural barriers to higher education. ARISE can help in that mission. Since 1986 ARISE has offered a variety of life-skill lessons for disadvantaged and high-risk youth. These lessons will provide students in the Upward Bound program the foundation they need to achieve in their academic and personal lives. ARISE provides interactive and engaging lessons for use in group settings that are self-contained, straightforward to use, and easy to work into your program. ARISE supplies all the necessary background and a number of interactive projects to make the lessons fun for everyone involved, while educating at-risk youth on serious and useful topics. ARISE materials cover anger management, effective communication, leadership, substance abuse, health, money management, and many more topics that serve as a practical background to success in life, both academically and personally. Please carefully examine the curriculum ARISE provides and how it might be used in specific Upward Bound programs.

ARISE Upward Bound Package

Guaranteed easy-to-teach and understand. You now have the unique opportunity to assemble your own ARISE life-skills library at a fraction of the normal retail price, allowing you to add structure to your program.

This ARISE Upward Bound Package
Includes the following 11 ARISE Instructor Manuals and Associated Student Workbooks

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ARISE Work In Progress Book 1: Anger Management
ARISE Work In Progress Book 2: Substance Abuse and Guns
ARISE Work In Progress Book 4: Violence and Conflict
ARISE Four Wheel Drive for the Mind Book 1: Self-Esteem
ARISE Four Wheel Drive for the Mind Book 2: Learning Strategies and Time Management
ARISE Four Wheel Drive for the Mind Book 3: Networking, Jobs, and Money
ARISE Basic Health 101 Book 1: Health and Hygiene
ARISE Brain Food Book 2: Creating a Positive Outlook
ARISE Brain Food Book 6: The Right Stuff and Money Matters
ARISE Get Smart Book 2: Tips for Avoiding Guilt, Managing Anger
ARISE Tips For Teaching Brainfood

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Saving $100

60DayGuaranteeComplete Package:

$ 415.00


ARISE has cracked the code on getting through to youth who, if they can read, hate it. In addition to its unique curricula, their 200 plus positivity cards are mini life skills lessons. Same can be said of the ARISE motivational posters which have also been proven compelling at holding the attention of troubled youth.

Motivational Posters
Every poster is a mini-life lesson. See them once remember them forever. Perfect for stimulating group and classroom activities.
Positivity Cards
Irresistible, emotionally rich images. Engages those who hate to read. Re-boot lives that have turned off learning anything worthwhile.

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