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What is Forgiveness Booster



9 Steps to Forgiveness:

  1. Think of a person who has hurt you and that you want to forgive.
  2. On a piece of paper write the person’s name.
  3. Write down exactly what the person did to hurt, betray or injure you.
  4. Write how you feel about them now, and how you want to feel when you think about him or her.
  5. Ask yourself if there is any action you need to take before you can forgive the other person.
  6. Make a list of the benefits of forgiving the person.
  7. Forgive yourself if you had any part in the situation.
  8. Write down at least one positive thing about the person who hurt you.
  9. Decide to forgive the person

What the Experts Say:

According to Dr. Frederic Luskin, practicing forgiveness has been shown to reduce anger, hurt, depression and stress and lead to greater feelings of hope, peace, compassion and self-confidence.

It leads to healthier relationships and physical health. Forgiveness contributes to our happiness by taking back responsibility for our own happiness – it’s no longer in the hands of the person that hurt us.

I forgive you because it’s good for me…

What is Forgiveness?

Forgiveness is a choice we
make to drop negative feelings:
anger, hurt, revenge,
resentment, etc.

Forgiveness is something you
do for yourself. The person you
are forgiving doesn’t have to
know that you are forgiving
him or her.

You can forgive from a
distance, and you can forgive
someone who is no longer living.


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