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Master Life Skills Certification Training Train The Trainer

Enroll now for the next training from September 12-16th, 2016 in North Palm Beach, Florida

9am – 4:30pm


Sanctuary Cove
Community Room
700 Sanctuary Cove Drive
North Palm Beach, FL 33410

Download the South Florida brochure and list of nearby accommodations.

ARISE Life Skills Master Training Fee:

Training at an ARISE Location:

5 Full Days: $999 per person

Discount given to 3 or more participants from a single organization. Call toll free: 1-888-680-6100 or contact: Yasmin Isaacs email:

Training at your site:

5 Full Days: $10,000.
Train up to 20 participants Trainer travel expenses are included in total price for both USA and Canada

ARISE Senior Trainer travel expenses included for both USA and Canada

ARISE Master Life Skills Trainer - Train the Trainer

This five-day intensive training certifies participants as ARISE Master Life Skills Trainers and enables them to conduct the ARISE two-day Life Skills Instructor Training to professionally certify other staff and colleagues at their organization as ARISE Life Skills Instructors. Graduates have the knowledge and confidence to train others to help troubled youth make fundamental changes in their lives.

This workshop is perfect for organizations that understand the tremendous benefits of having a professionally trained ARISE Certified Master Life Skills Trainer on their staff. ARISE Master Trainers have the necessary qualifications to effectively train staff at their organization to meet the needs of at-risk youth for years to come. They train their staff to effectively use the unique ARISE formula and the award winning ARISE curricula in a positive learning environment.

Decide what staff at your organization and when you will train them before attending the workshop so that you’re ready to implement your newfound knowledge as quickly as possible. Best of all, there will never be a need to search for additional curricula. AROSE provides a huge library of interactive, multi-sensory material that encourages youth to express their feelings and actively participate in these powerful group learning experiences.

Training agenda

Click here to see what you will receive as part of this training

Just like your favorite recipe, combining the right ingredients with attention to detail can guarantee success.

The ARISE five-day (35 hours) intensive Master Trainer course (Train-the-Trainer) begins with the most caring, competent senior ARISE trainers on the planet. They’re not just experienced in delivering ARISE trainings all over the USA and beyond, they’re totally dedicated and passionate about each participant filling up with what it takes to become a confident facilitator.

There are no clock watchers at ARISE. Our trainers are available during breaks and after training to answer questions. Now it’s time to see how more than 30 years of 24/7 dedication, passion and on-the-job experience can create an engaging, satisfying yet practical training that helps participants deliver joyful, memorable learning experiences that can last troubled youth and trainers a lifetime.

Once upon a time parents and grandparents were responsible for passing down life-skills, but, sadly, those days are past. Now it’s up to those of us who love these often difficult, misdirected, neglected and frustrated children to demonstrate that help is at hand.

ARISE Master Training Certification

After completing the ARISE 5-Day Master Life Skills Training ( Train the Trainer), you are certified to train other staff at your organization using the ARISE 2-day life skills training program.    All ARISE curriculum materials and training are copyrighted. Copyright laws protect written or artistic expressions fixed in a tangible medium like books, training manuals  and copy of the ARISE website.  By purchasing and attending the training or buying any of the ARISE curricula, the buyer agrees to adhere to the ARISE copyright policy. (See copyright policy)..

Certificate-Master-Life-Skills-Trainer (2)

The mediocre facilitator tells. The good trainer explains. The superior instructor demonstrates. ARISE Life Skills Group Facilitators INSPIRE.

ARISE Life Management Skills Instruction Advanced Certification
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Recipe for Success
ARISE Tips For Teaching Groups
Brochure of Washington DC Location.
Brochure of South Florida Location.

In 30 days or less you can have an full blown ARISE program operational in your city. Your Staff thoroughly trained, ARISE life skills curricula on hand. Learn more by calling Toll Free 1-888-680-6100, or email

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