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Instructor Led Life Skills Master Training (Train the Trainer)

Lilly Gallardo

Director of Social Services, The Salvation Army
“Last week I attended the Master Life Skills Training in Tampa. It was a great training! I enjoyed all aspects of it. It was very detailed, hands on and very relevant to what we do. The trainers, Joliett and Su, are excellent and really know what they are doing. The program is an excellent tool to implement the different Life Skills that are essential to the success of our children and adults living in our transitional housing programs. I am grateful to Major Hogg for allowing me to attend the training and to the Arise Foundation for making it available to us. I will be in contact with you later to make arrangements to get some materials to teach our kids great Life Skills. Thank you very much”

Eric Sheffield
ARISE Master Trainer & Administrative SupervisorDistrict One Juvenile Detention Center – Coeur d’Alene, ID.
This is what Eric said about the first 2-Day ARISE Life Skills Training he did with his staff: “I wanted to take a moment to let you know that I recently completed the two day ARISE facilitator training course with 9 of our staff (7 detention counselors, our nurse and our mental health clinician) Thanks to your quality “Train the Trainer” course and the access you gave me to the online training (for a refresher) our two day course was a huge success. I felt I had all of the tools I needed to complete two days of quality training. The participants felt the course was very good and are anxious to get our Life Skills program up and running

Johnny Marrero
ARISE Master Trainer, Pinellas Regional Juvenile Detention Center
“Some of the youth at the Pinellas Regional Juvenile Detention Center don’t want to attend church services Sunday mornings. They want to go to ARISE groups instead.”

Nicole Ventour
Harbor Creek – Erie PA
“The facilitator’s style of teaching was highly motivational. She incorporated active listening when discussing topics. I feel prepared to conduct an ARISE training.”

Walter A. Easley
North Carolina
“ The training model and methods accomplish all the things needed to target at-risk youth. The instructor gives it legs and feet. I want to attend the 2 day Drop it at the Door and the Master Drop it at the Door.”

Mazk P. DeVillier
Grafton Schools – Berryville, Virginia
“I have been in the mental health field for 35 years and this was the best group process and life skills training I have attended. The planning process of the lessons plans were very helpful.”

ARISE Drop It at the Door Training

Detective J. Nubin
Riviera Beach Police Department
“The information was very helpful in dealing with ideal ways to release stress , tension and anger. This is very helpful when working with so many officers who are already stressed out form the job of working with citizen cases that involve homicide, battery and everyday life in the police department. This information can be applied to all – work and home life.”

Nicole Robinson
Riviera Beach Police Department
“This training exceeded my expectations. I learned that you have to identify the reason for your anger and if you hold on to it, it can make you unhealthy. I think I understand anger better now. It is so very important to open up and not bottle so many things inside. This training was excellent.”

Roderick White
Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office
“This training experience was great. It allowed me to explore different ways to deal with my emotions in a healthier manner. I love the positivity cards, the positivity stones and the passion of the trainer. I can use all the tools at work and at home.”

Mayra Bagnoi
Barry University
“I thought the information was meaningful and easy to use. It reminded me of some important topics I already knew but were not using, and it taught me new tools to handle stress in my life. I loved learning how to re frame my thoughts to be more positives and the blessing journal is a blessing for me. “

Queteline Fabe 
Salvation Army

“The tools are very useful in professional and personal life settings and can easily be implemented. The use of the power of positive statements had a strong impact on me. I would like a graduate level of this training. Lean that anger is a secondary emotion triggered by primary feelings well help me better deal with the stress in my life. I always recognized when I am angry but have rarely discovered the root , so this was very helpful”

Carla-Craig Wright
Pasco Regional Juvenile Detention Center
“The training was simply presented and easy to apply. The training should be five days. I see myself using the ARISE positivity cards and the positivity stone. /I have learned to step away and not be sucked into negativity and I will use the “I” statements” instead of accusatory statements. “

William Nahordny
Pinellas Juvenile Detention Center
“I feel I have a tool box of things I can use at home and work to be happier. I can see myself using the positivity cards to diffuse anger.”

Kacha Allen
Manatee Regional Juvenile Detention Center
“I learned how to control my anger in a positive manner. I also learned that fear can turn into anger very quickly. I want to use this information learned with my 13 year old son to help him have a positive attitude.

Edwin Wesley
Department of Juvenile Justice
“I feel like I have learned a lot about how to handle stressful situations. I learned that teamwork can release work-related deadlines. I have learned not to be judgmental to the point where I can make a person feel bad.”

Elizabeth Miller
Department of Juvenile Justice
“I feel the information obtained at the training will allow me to make better choices when dealing with my clients and family. I will remember I have the power to make positive choices and to let go of anger.”


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