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Kindness and the Social Connection Booster

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Without Sense of Connection

How important is a sense of connection in our lives? Lack of connection with others not only makes us unhappy, but it is also bad for the well-being of the body and mind. A sense of rejection or isolation increases blood pressure, stress levels a. general wear and tear as well as increases your chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

Health-wise, the difference between a lonely person and a popular person was akin to a smoker and a non-smoker…. That stunned all of us, myself and all my colleagues, in terms of the effects it had. It shows just how powerful it is.

Results of Practicing Kindness

  • Helping see others more charitably
  • Feeling better off by comparison
  • Relieving guilt over other’s misfortune
  • Feeling interdependence and cooperation
  • Feeling generous 8, competent to help others
  • Being attractive to others
  • Being appreciated

Social Connections

One of the greatest predictors of personal happiness is the quality (not the quantity, of our personal relationships. our sense of being socially connected to others.

How does this relate to kindness?

Clearly, we are building and strengthening our relationships when we are kind to people. Being kind demonstrates the support and trust that we all seek in our closest relationships.

How Much Does It Take?

Research shows that we don’t need to perform major acts of kindness, but a variety of brief, smaller gestures on a regular basis contribute rnore to happiness than repeated, fixed acts. So, making many and varied small acts of kindness a part of our everyday lives helps us reach higher levels of happiness. Volunteering, in particular, is associated with increased happiness.

Next Step…

Simply to make a commitment to doing acts of kindness: start with deciding to do five each Monday or two every other day. Decide on a number and time to help you stick with it.

Remember: Kindness is just a matter of choice—an attitude you carry with you that you can make a difference, however small, in someone else’s life.

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