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According to the Occupational Health and Safety News and the National Council of Compensation Insurance, stress is a factor in:

  • 75–90% of all doctors’ visits
  • $30 billion in medical and disability payments and over $99 billion in productivity loss
  • 1,000,000 Americans a day missing work
  • 1/3 of workers seriously considering quitting jobs
  • 85% of employee accidents

Chronic Stress Can Cook You!

People in some countries cook and eat frog. One chef took a frog and put it in boiling water but it jumped out. So the next time he put the frog in a pan of cold water and very slowly increased the heat. It got used to the warmth and thought to itself, “It’s OK, I don’t mind warm water.” The water got slowly hotter and the frog kept thinking, “I’m OK, I don’t mind the warmth. I’m comfortable, I’ll stay here.” It didn’t notice how hot it was getting, and slowly it boiled to death.

We tend to get used to things that slowly get more and more stressful. Instead of taking action and jumping out, we slowly suffer until we are “cooked”!

Healthy Coping Strategies

1. Manage your time

2. Practice relaxation

3. Meditate

4. Think positive

5. Lead a  healthy lifestyle


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