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On-line Professional Anger and Stress Management Training for Staff

DIATDOnlineThe fee for this comprehensive anger and stress management course is $199 per person. This includes the 29 online lessons, voluntary assessments and feedback, plus all required materials such as the full blown 124 page anger and stress resource manual, which is a virtual life management skills tool chest that will never lose its value.

Those working under demanding conditions will find this online course delivers a wealth of personal anger and stress management strategies for workplaces where personnel are also required to collaborate with and motivate others under challenging circumstances. Also included is an impressive certificate of completion suitable for framing provided to graduates upon successful completion of the ARISE Drop it at the Door Anger Management course.

Price: $220.00
per person.  Includes all downloadable training materials.

In approximately 30 insightful hours of online training, you will easily comprehend and absorb new skills that will change your lives. It’s not magic! It’s over 30 years of experience boiled down into bite-sized topics that will refresh and re-energize even those on the verge of burnout. This intense training focuses on proven strategies, documented and sworn to by hundreds of previous attendees.The remarkable ARISE trainers will provide tools for managing worry and techniques for handling anger. You will learn the art of dealing with angry, out-of-control people and the rules of engagement for handling those intentionally pushing your buttons. Staff will easily grasp what causes their anger, how anger and stress can wreck their health, and learn the techniques that they can use to manage and reduce stressors and anger.

See a sample of this remarkable training:

Why ARISE Staff Training?

Today Organizations Can No Longer Afford To Underwrite Angry-Stressed Employees!

Back in 1995 ARISE Foundation developed its on site Drop it at the Door Anger Management (DIATD) Anger and Stress Management course. Conducted by ARISE senior trainers to fill the need for stress and anger management specifically for those working with teens and young adults in high stress situations such as caregivers for incarcerated at-risk youth, probation officers, community based organizational staff, health and social workers. Those who benefit most are front line staff whose job it is to grin and bear often dangerous, aggravating situations that become intolerable for those untrained in using positive steps to diffuse negative situations.

ARISE titled this particular training experience Drop it at the Door Anger Management because all too often we carry work problems home and disputes and issues that should remain at home are brought back to work. This creates an endless cycle of anger, stress and frustration that plagues today’s work and home environment. Studies have proven this leads to high turnover, burnout and seismic battles at home. Read More about this from Medical News Today about research that was presented to the Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology in Brighton.


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