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Online Drop it at the Door Anger Management Training

ARISE Online Drop it at the Door Anger Management Training Fee:

Price: $220.00

drop it at the door mat

This training is also available ON-SITE

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Why ARISE Staff Training?

Today Organizations Can No Longer Afford To Underwrite Angry-Stressed Employees!

  • Back in 1995 ARISE Foundation developed its on site Drop it at the Door Anger Management (DIATD) Anger and Stress Management course. Conducted by ARISE senior trainers to fill the need for stress and anger management specifically for those working with teens and young adults in high stress situations such as caregivers for incarcerated at-risk youth, probation officers, community based organizational staff, health and social workers. Those who benefit most are front line staff whose job it is to grin and bear often dangerous, aggravating situations that become intolerable for those untrained in using positive steps to diffuse negative situations.
  • ARISE titled this particular training experience Drop it at the Door Anger Management because all too often we carry work problems home and disputes and issues that should remain at home are brought back to work. This creates an endless cycle of anger, stress and frustration that plagues today’s work and home environment. Studies have proven this leads to high turnover, burnout and seismic battles at home. Read More about this from Medical News Today about research that was presented to the Annual Conference of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Occupational Psychology in Brighton:
  •  Fee and Downloadable Course Materials at a price only a non-profit could offer.
    The fee for this comprehensive DIATD anger and stress management course is $299 per person. ($6 per lesson) This includes the 50 online lessons, ARISE senior trainers individual lesson critique, assessment and feedback plus all required materials such as the full blown 124 page anger and stress resource manual, which is a virtual life management skills tool chest that will never lose its value. Those working under demanding conditions will find the DIATD course delivers a wealth of personal anger and stress management strategies for workplaces where personnel are also required to collaborate with and motivate others under challenging circumstances. Also included is an impressive certificate of completion suitable for framing provided to graduates upon successful completion of the ARISE Drop it at the Door Anger Management course.

Testimonial from Alvin Hinkle, MSW, CPM,Chief of Continuity of Care - Washington DC

Thank you so much Ms. Benson. I have used the ARISE model for the past 10 ten years working with Juveniles involved in the correctional system, youth in foster care, as well as with adults inpatient psychiatric facilities and the community. ARISE is a program that has been extremely effective in working with the various populations teaching independent living and recovery skills.

Downloadable materials that are included in the training fee

  • Course Resource Manual (downloadable)
  • 12 Full Color Positivity Cards (Downloadable)
  • 8 Full Color Positivity Posters (downloadable)
  • Certificate of Completion mailed to your personal address

10 days after completion of this course, we will mail you this beautiful 12″x18″ full-color ARISE Life-Skills Instructor Certificate printed on parchment stock, suitable to display prominently …

Lessons for youth using stories on Gangs and Anger showing anger management for teens

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View the downloadable materials that are part of this course.

Lessons for youth using stories on Gangs and Anger showing anger management for teens

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  • Among the many measurable benefits the DIATD program avoids is the deep resentment invisible to the naked eye that appears when unexplained absences causes others to work double shifts sucking, energy and enthusiasm out of valued staff. Drop it at the Door Anger Management offers rock solid solutions to anger and stress problems based on ARISE’s onsite “boots on the ground” experience beginning 1986.
  • The Drop it at the Door Anger Management on-line Course has been linked to an increase in empathy pro-social behavior, improved performance and productivity. It has been successfully disseminated in government agencies, juvenile correctional facilities, probation departments, jails and community based organizations. It has received glowing endorsements from elected officials as well as administrators and managers.
  • The course evaluations completed by on- line participants have been embarrassingly complimentary. This fact is attributed to Individualized feedback provided by ARISE senior trainers, engaging videos, and the use of everyday language and situations that actually take place at work and home. This evidence based ARISE devised formula for success creates a positive and memorable learning experience. That says a lot about the flexibility and interactivity of the course, not to mention its effectiveness.


ARISE is a Culture Converter

Testimonial from Steve Mullis, Regional Director, Central Region, Detention Services, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice. (Ret.)

ARISE celebrates 18 uninterrupted years of working in detention, residential and probation services within the Florida Department of Juvenile Justice


View the entire content of the remarkable ARISE Drop it at the Door Anger Management online staff training course, lesson by lesson.
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e-Learning Experience

  • The course consists of 12 instructional modules, subdivided into lessons covering specific topics.
  • There are 50 individual lessons in this course.
  • The 124 page ARISE training manual and all course materials are designed to overcome that creeping sense of desperation many are forced to deal with seven anxiety filled days at work and home. ARISE provides a wealth of resources like the remarkable ARISE Positivity cards that become powerful antidotes to pressure, uncertainty and gloomy outlooks the average person faces trying to make it through their worry filled days. ARISE provides every participant with their own (virtual) Life Management Skills tool chest they will use for years to overcome challenging negative situations both work related and personal.
  • LIVE ACTION video clips taken during an in-person Drop it at the Door Anger Management training creates a you-are-there experience. On-line trainees genuinely feel like they are sitting in the training without actually being there. Every activity is boredom free, concise, fast paced, guaranteed to capture and hold each participant’s attention. FOCUS-Visual images of role models such as Jackie Robinson, Randy Pausch, Oprah Winfrey and many others are prominently featured in video and music clips.

ARISE Drop it at the Door Anger Management encourages participant’s questions and ARISE senior trainers provide individualized feedback and suggestions that keeps participants comfortably involved always moving ahead confidently to completion.

The entire ARISE e-Learning course is delivered via the Internet. The interface is simple and requires no complicated technical know-how or savvy.

Overview of DIATD Course Content

PART 1-Primarily addresses anger, stress, anxiety and offers real-world behavioral anger and stress management techniques participants will implement immediately.

PART 2- Blends the complexities of human behavior (in layman’s terms) with the knowledge required to successfully overcome the natural urge to lash out or fall victim to the negative reactions and health consequences that internalizing these stressors bring with them.

View the entire content of the remarkable ARISE Drop it at the Door Anger Management online staff training course, lesson by lesson.

Length and structure of this e-Learning course

  • The course consists of 12 instructional modules, each subdivided in lessons covering specific topics.
  • As outlined above there are a total of 50  lessons in the DIATD course.
  • ARISE estimates that the average trainee will invest between 30 and 45 minutes on each lesson

Maximizing the effectiveness of the DIATD training.

ARISE recommends a minimum of one lesson be completed during each session and intervals between lessons limited to 1-3 days where possible.


  • Comprehension and aptitude are measured accurately through the ARISE program assessments associated with each of the lessons.
  • The assessments are either private, or personal with the private assessments confined to a private email directly to one of our master trainers.  Personal assessments completed privately by the trainee remain in their own resource manual.
  • Assessment feedback is delivered via individual personal response directly to their email address.
  • Complete and total privacy for trainees is assured, ARISE will not divulge any information about their trainees since it considers this information client/provider privilege. A published information privacy policy is in place for all of ARISE’s clients.

ARISE e-Learning Drop it at the Door Anger Management course is specifically designed for those working in environments where stress and blow-ups are as normal as punching a time clock.

ARISE Online Dropping at the Door Anger Management Training Fee:

Price: $220.00

Read what our ON-LINE graduates have to say about the Online Drop it at the Door Anger Management  Training!

We love speaking to those who share our passion! Call toll free Monday-Friday 9am-5pm 1-888-680-6100.

The technical requirements to access the course and its multimedia components are as follows:

  • A computer capable of delivering short video clips such as video clips available on YouTube.
  • The latest version of the ADOBE Acrobat reader, available for free at
  • A valid e-mail address
  • One of the following browsers:

Internet Explorer – Mozilla Firefox – Google Chrome – Safari (Apple)

We recommend the latest versions of these browsers for easy playback of the video and other multimedia components which are part of the course. All these browsers can be downloaded from their respective websites free of charge.

ARISE offers generous quantity discounts for groups of 3 trainees or more. For additional information, please call between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. EST Toll free 1-888-680-6100.

Those organizations preferring in person onsite training please visit

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