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Evidence-Based Life Skills Lessons and Professional Staff Training
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Have you ever considered becoming a Lifeskills instructor?

Ever thought about salvaging the lives of at-risk youth by teaching lifeskills group sessions? Today’s youth must learn social and emotional skills like anger management to get ahead in life and stay there.


Learn how you can become a Certified Professional Lifeskills Instructor in only 20 hours of interactive online training. No prior teaching experience required!

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Each of the 21 online lessons includes a video of an actual ARISE lifeskills instructor training session conducted by ARISE’s senior trainer. Watch this short video to see how easy and stress free this online lifeskills training is.

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Daniel Alyea, DVI Prison, Tracy CA:

This online training is EXCELLENT for the classes I have to do. It is wonderful for diverse populations in prison. The course gave me more of an understanding of teaching techniques then I already have. The customer service was excellent! I was immediately emailed when I had an issue about things. I would recommend this training to others!!!

Colleen Toulouse, Special Education Resource Assistant, Canada:

I enjoyed the course. I feel I have successfully gained skills and look forward to applying them to my classroom. I enjoyed watching the videos . It was good to see an actual training. The ARISE teaching formula will enhance my teaching in a group discussion format. I am looking forward to using the curriculum materials in my class.

Paige Woodard of Stockton CA told us:

I recently took the ARISE training online and I found it to be absolutely fantastic. The training was wonderful because the instructor was right there in the video, with the worksheets, and the forums, I honestly felt like I was right in the class room with them! I learned so much from this training that I can take it right out into my line of work now! I feel that I have so much more knowledge that is going to help so many people, I couldn’t be happier, especially knowing that I have been trained by those who I feel are the BEST! Thanks ARISE!

Wanda Fluney from Barrie, Ontario, told us:

The convenience of doing the lessons at my own pace, and the ability to watch the training being done by the instructor… a feeling of being in the class, without actually being there!

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ARISE is a non-profit, established in 1986, that provides a rich assortment of time tested, evidence based life skills curricula for at-risk youth as well as training for their care givers. We have developed programs that focus on the priceless advice parents and grandparents once shared as families sat around the kitchen tables at the end of the day.Terms of Use – Privacy Policy – About Us
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