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Instructor Led Life Skills Instructor Training: Testimonials

Maria Sumner
Satilla Community Services-Waycross, Georgia
“The training exceeded my expectations. The instructor modeled all the techniques taught and she provided positive feedback and encouragement throughout the training. I loved using guidelines rather than rules and learning how to re-frame negatives into positives. The lesson plan provided to prepare for groups will be very useful.

Evanjalyst Harris
Juvenile Probation Officer Supervisor – Lauderdale Lakes, Florida 
“ I feel the training went very well. The staff was very excited about the training and even more excited about getting started with the groups. Overall, I would say it was a major success.”

Mattie Broxton
Salvation Army – Pensacola, Florida
“ I found the lessons on self esteem and anger management very helpful. These two issues are what I see in most people I see in my office. Working in groups was really most helpful . I feel prepared to teach ARISE Life Skills Lessons because of attending this training.”

Katie Weeks
Families Count – Fort Walton Beach, Florida
“I learned how to conduct brainstorming and mind mapping with learners to help them participate and feel important. This training met all of my expectations. Practicing the lesson planning will really help me”.

Anna Mendez
Santa Rosa School District – Santa Rosa, Florida
“ The part that was most valuable to me was re-naming something negative to give it a positive connotation such as calling rules standards or guidelines. . I found the hands on teaching that was non-judgmental very helpful”

Natasha Mitchell
Families Count – Pensacola, Florida
“ It was very helpful to split off into different groups and learn ways to teach the students, so that the students get to know each other. The information on how to increase group participation was invaluable. The ARISE formula is most helpful. I learned more information than I though. Su is a great instructor.”

Robin R. May
Youth Count/ Families Court – Ft Walton Beach, Florida
“ I really needed to be reminded to plan a large number of discussion questions . I often think I can wing it, but groups always go more smoothly if I plan. This training gave me wonderful tools for planning and a way to structure what I teach”.

Robert Cameron
Palm Beach Juvenile Justice Center – FL
“I learned a lot on how to approach kids with a positive attitude and apply my new skills with everyday life. I now know how to create an activity to reinforce learning. (ARISE Life Skills Training)”

Rachel Holmes
Teacher Leadership Training Institute – Hempstead, NY
“The training was fantastic. I have learned so many new techniques and strategies that I can’t wait to go back to the classroom to use the ice breakers, tips on body language and better listening skills. I feel after this training , I am a stronger teacher.”

Yolanda Garcia
AMI Kids – North Miami Dade County, Florida
“The training was very well taught. It was positive and fun. The positivity cards were very useful. The topics offered in the workbooks are relevant to the adolescent population that we work with. At times the most difficult part of running a group is choosing a topic that captivates your audience. ARISE workbooks provide us with that material”

Yashica Cobb
AMI Kids – North Miami Dade County, Florida
“The following is what I found most helpful: ways to keep your group participating and interesting, ways to deal with not so good behavior, ways to open and close a group. The training was clear and to the point and easy to understand.”

Dorothy Adams
McClendon Center – Washington DC
“You can use this training for most any situation you are dealing with. You can change the activities to fit your needs. You learn how so many people view things and how they deal with them . This training exceeded my expectations.”

Teresa Smallwood
The Elizabeth Ministry Inc. – Washington DC
“The training helped me to theorize how to frame and for present a topic and/or activity to a group of people. I was very impressed with the training manual. The training will be very beneficial in my work.

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