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Sharing the Success of the ARISE Teaching Formula

Since 1986, people who had never before taught an interactive group session have used the ARISE Formula to successfully conduct almost 6,000,000 (SIX MILLION) DOCUMENTED hours of ARISE life-skills lessons.

The ARISE founders designed both the unique ARISE formula and each ARISE lesson so those responsible for educating at-risk youth needn’t be trained teachers. YES, ARISE staff training is available, but it is not a requirement.

ARISE’s primary goal in working with at-risk youth is to see positive behavior changes. Research shows that focusing on the positive—what the youth have and what they can do rather than what they do not have or cannot do— is a key in changing behavior. Another key is allowing self-expression.

In fact, Karen Tallman and Arthur Bohart, psychologists and authors of  How Clients Make Therapy Work: The Process of Active Self-Healing, report that “The most helpful factor is having a time and a place to focus on themselves and talk.”   The ARISE formula provides the framework to accomplish this goal.


Why Is the ARISE Formula So Important?

It’s no secret that lessons must be pre-planned to be effective. The ARISE formula is the key to preparing and presenting effective, interactive and personally satisfying ARISE life skills lessons. Benefits of Using the ARISE Formula:

    1. Boosts group facilitators confidence
    2. Establishes the group facilitators credibility
    3. Provides positive direction for meeting goals and objectives
    4. Organizes and sequences what will be taught
    5. Ensures all subject matter is covered
    6. Manages group delivery time
    7. Confirms consistency when you’re teaching different groups over time
    8. Helps identify what to revisit in a session, when something didn’t work well
    9. Reduces group facilitators planning time
    10. It increases the sense of satisfaction of a job well done

When the ARISE formula is used, the group sessions are a fully collaborative partnership between the youth and the ARISE group facilitator.

All of the above are based on the concepts and practices of cognitive behavioral models and effective motivational interviewing interventions.

What Exactly Is the ARISE Formula?

The ARISE Formula is the key to planning and presenting effective, interactive ARISE lessons. The formula guides the group facilitator to organize, introduce, present and reinforce the basic content of all ARISE life-skills lesson. All that is required is to add the details of the specific lesson/topic that will be covered.

The ARISE formula also encourages high levels of interaction and positivism that open the doors for learning. ARISE groups provide a safe, non-confrontational environment. This helps youth understand they are not unique that others are also facing the same challenges they may be experiencing in their lives.

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